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Home » ”Israel Prepares for War!” says Pat Robertson; 1 Million Israelis Run for Bomb Shelters

”Israel Prepares for War!” says Pat Robertson; 1 Million Israelis Run for Bomb Shelters

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WATCH! LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat, and Steve share about the perilous realities that are happening in Israel at this moment. Continuous rockets are being fired from the Gaza Strip into Southern Israel causing 1 million Israelis to flee to be placed in bomb shelters for safety. In Israel, even the bus stops have been constructed as bomb shelters. There are sirens throughout the region that sound when an incoming rocket is launched into Israel signaling the 15 seconds needed to get to a bomb shelter. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) shares that the fastest man in the world runs 200m in 20 seconds highlighting the reality that even he wouldn’t make the 15 second window of safety.  If these travesties can happen in Israel they can surely happen in America. We must pray for Israel and respond. In this electrifying moment, they share these realities of what daily life is like for Israelis helping you us to develop empathy for the people of Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: persecution, Jesus and the Jews, hardship, terrorism, murders, Benjamin Netanyahu, Trembling Cup, War, missiles, and prayer.


“Operation Protection Edge” IDF Launched

Israel Braces for Escalation of Gaza Offensive

15 Seconds: Not Enough Time

Rocket Attack on Southern Israel

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Israel Braces for Escalation of Gaza Offensive

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