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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Steve share a new perspective about what is happening on the borders of America and Mexico. In a recent CBN interview, Hispanic leader Samuel Rodriguez, shares a message of tough love as he shares how he is coordinating with pastors and leaders in South America to encourage families not to send their children to America. As children are being sent alone, if and when they cross into America, upon the other side, East Los Angeles is waiting for them. With a city that has drugs and gangs within it, it is no place for a wandering child to be, especially alone. He stresses that what children need are families that are committed to Christ who will raise the children. Children have grown up without the outside forces of what society says are needed to be successful such as education and money. On the contrary, it is those that speak into their lives and raised the children that made them who they are today. Ben Carson is a shining example of this, who ended up being a brain surgeon. Be encouraged as your perspective and empathy increases for what is happening on the borders of America. Also shared in this segment: CBN, smallpox, Jihad, anthrax, Global Christians, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and prayer.


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