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Home » Formerly Imprisoned Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim is Finally in the United States

Formerly Imprisoned Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim is Finally in the United States

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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, and Steve share the exciting news that through her entire journey, Meriam Ibrahim has finally reached America. Persecuted and jailed for her faith in Jesus Christ, she was recently released from a Sudanese prison. After first being escorted outside of the borders of Sudanese and into the protection of U.S. representatives, she was flown to Italy and was received by the Pope; she has now finally arrived in America in Philadelphia. While not only refusing to deny her faith in Jesus Christ, she also gave birth to her second child while chained in prison, her faith is a witness to us all.

The boldness of her faith highlights the power of what she would endure for Jesus Christ. Meriam’s testimony reminds us of others who have and continue to stand for Christ: Pastor Saeed who still remains in Evin Prison serving an 8 year sentence and  “Brother Yun” who endured years of persecution for his faith in China, and the continual persecution of Christians in North Korea, Northern Iraq, and the rising occurrences throughout the world. We must continue to stand with the persecuted church. Stir your faith as you hear more of these powerful journeys, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: persecution, faith, Nero, Miriam Ibrahim, Pastor Saeed Abedini, The Heavenly Man, Islam, and prayer.


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