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Home » Watch: Rap Video- Francis Chan- You and Me FOREVER

Watch: Rap Video- Francis Chan- You and Me FOREVER

Screen Capture from Love Team

LISTEN NOW! WATCH!John, Pat, and Steve have an encouraging conversation as they share about the new book released from Francis and Lisa Chan, You and Me Forever. Often times, the world presents a twisted perspective about the covenant of marriage. The thoughts and mindsets of “another person making me happy” is a lie. The only decision, the only one that fulfills us, is Jesus Christ and asking Him into your life. We cannot wrap scripture around what we are doing and expect God to bless it. We must look into the word of God, see how it applies to our lives, and change, not the scripture, but change our lives to match the scriptures. Francis and Lisa Chan sing a humorous rap about these truths and marriage. In addition to who you choose as your spouse, there are 3 other “C’s” that matter in your life.  Enjoy this humorous moment as you learn how God sees marriage, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: You and Me Forever, Francis and Lisa Chan, Covenant, missions, Africa, and character.


Ride It Out Together

You & Me Forever – Francis & Lisa Chan

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