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Home » God Uses Israel as the “Woodshed” for a rebellious nation: The Harvest Summit Part One

God Uses Israel as the “Woodshed” for a rebellious nation: The Harvest Summit Part One

Courtesy of Maciej Czekajewski/

LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and John share about the encounter from a past gathering of those seeking the voice of the Lord. Amidst all the prophetic words that have been shared, the devastation, and hardships that have been shared, we desire that none of this takes place. It is encouraging to come together with others, from across the nation, to find out that they are hearing the same thing. Times of hardships are meant to bring us to a place of repentance. A child can think that life is over as they know it when receiving discipline from their father. When we see what is happening in the world right now and we read the word of God, we can clearly see that God is angry. If we are aware of this, and concerned by it, the question is: now what do we do about it? Find out the encouraging truths of what God’s intentions are through this, how to respond, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: hardships, crisis, Morningstar Summit, Don Piper, Don Potter, 90 Minutes in Heaven, teachers, reverence, respect, discipline, and a Christian America. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


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