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Family: God’s Original Intent for the Church – It’s like the Church of Acts: dreams, visions, miracles, healings

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat, and John have an encouraging conversation about God’s original design for His church: family, brothers and sisters in Christ. God desires for each and every one of us to stroll with Him in a relationship, like Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve were deceived by bringing about the fall of man and the separation of God with the introduction of sin, God who yearns to be with us so much, had a plan that included His Son to walk in our shoes and restore what was lost in the Garden. There is not an authentic relationship without first the opportunity to leave. There is not obedience without the opportunity to rebel. God wants us to choose Him. When the church begins to walk out family like God instituted it to be by first rightly relating in His family through Jesus Christ, we will see the power of God like it is walked out in the Book of Acts. So many are apprehensive of an upcoming “family reunion” because of those who will be present and the division that takes place. Satan has such a strategic plan against the existence of family; if the devil can get you to repel from the horizontal family, than he can get you to repel the vertical family: God’s family.  Be deeply refreshed as you hear the stories and testimonies of how God brought about the Vine Fellowship Network, relating as family, the power of God through dreams, miracles, healings, the fear of the Lord, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: obedience, relationship, family, love, religion, tumors, dreams, deliverance, voice of God, and discipleship. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!



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