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Home » Is ISIS taking Girls for Brides?
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LISTEN NOW! WATCH! Greg, Pat and John share the travesties of what is happening to women throughout the world. Recently, the world watched as Miriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian, was imprisoned for her faith. The religion Islam is openly oppressive towards women. Why are there female leaders who openly support this? CBN reports how women that are as young as 15 years old are being sold and trafficked to become Muslim and then they are being forced into marriage. Amsha Ali, a 19 year old young woman escaped after being taken stated, “I saw a lot of murders, murders of Yazidis, but the killing was not the hardest part for me. Even when they forced my husband, brother-in-law, and my father-in-law on the ground to be murdered; it was painful. But marrying into ISIS was the worst. It was the hardest thing for me.”  In addition, videos of what is taking place, of women being forced into marriage are being released. This is a tragedy and horrifying. What if this was your daughter? What if this was your sister? When we look at the book of Nehemiah we can see how these things have happened, what caused them, and how we stop them. Have we turned our backs on God? As the church, we cannot turn from these tragedies that are happening; we must turn to God. Find out more of these critical moments, how the church must respond, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: forced marriage, ISIS, persecution, CBN, repentance, Fox News, and repentance.  WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


Escapees Offer First-Hand Accounts of ISIS Horrors

Kazakhstan “Stealing the Bride”

Islam: Religion of Peace or War?

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Escapees Offer First-Hand Accounts of ISIS Horrors

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