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Home » Israel being told they cannot build in their own backyard; Really?

Israel being told they cannot build in their own backyard; Really?

Courtesy of Borya Galperin/

LISTEN NOW! WATCH! Currently, Israel is in the process of planning new buildings to be built in the city of Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Post reports that US State Department Spokeswoman responded to the events by saying that the plans for new projects in Jerusalem were “incompatible with the pursuit of peace.” How does Israel erecting a building on their soil disrupt peace? Amidst these responses, Prime Minister of Israel brings a perspective of clarity stating that the international community remains quiet when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “incited to the murder of Jews in Jerusalem”, but strongly condemns Israel when it builds in Jerusalem. When the leadership of America is making decisions that are against the peace of Israel and the Jewish people, instead of blaming our leadership, we have to ask ourselves, are we against Israel in our hearts? Find out these critical events and how they affect where we currently are, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Jerusalem, PM Benjamin Netanyahu, anti-semitism, peace, and the woodshed. Greg, Pat and Steve shared in this segment. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!


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