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VFNRadio First Hour October 27, 2014



God is Pouring Out His Spirit; You have a role to play

Greg, John, and Pat discuss how God is pouring out His spirit and how each believer has a role to play.    So many things are happening today.  It’s time to get rid of all the idols including the idol of marriage that we have made of in America.  Jesus is the bridegroom and the Father is preparing a bride for His Son.    There are many who are held captive by their pride.  God is using his people with signs, wonders, miracles, and prophetic revelations but humility is key.  A humble person hears God and obeys Him.  When God speaks to His church individually and they gather and share what He has told them it’s just one big Amen.

Consumer Christianity

Ryan Wyatt shares about how, Bill Hybels, Pastor of Willow Creek, and his team before annually spending millions of dollars on programs they ask themselves are our programs doing what we think they should do?  Are they truly raising up true disciples of Jesus Christ?  Ryan continues to share how they invested money in a survey to their network to evaluate what they were doing.  Upon receiving the report Ryan says Bill Hybels hung his head and began to weep because what they found out was that all they did was get people in the building but it had not created true disciples.  Their findings are recorded in a book they wrote called Reveal Where are You? They said that what the programs have done is raise up people that are addicted to the programs.  Ryan goes on to say that people are now picking what church they should attend as though they were shopping from a check list.  Ryan goes on to share what is on the shopping list of a consumer, what he shares may surprise you.  Greg shares that Jesus is not trying to make us comfortable in our sin.  He instructs us to repent and be baptized.  It’s not as hard as religion has made it out to be and it’s also not as frivolous as religion as made it out to be either.  We alone must all answer to God and the most important thing is what we think about God.

Just Like in the Days of Noah

Greg, John and Pat share that just like in the days of Noah when people were carrying on with life conducting business as usual marrying and having children living in darkness, sin and rebellion to God all the while God was about to judge the world.  So it is today.  Many today are carrying on business as usual living in darkness and calling what is right wrong and calling what is wrong right and normal.  There is a battle between light and darkness and  as  believers it’s time to let your light shine, to be discipled and abide so that the Kingdom of God that is on the inside of you can advance outside of you.  All it takes is your complete surrender to Jesus.

Back to the 1960’s But not like you may think,

Some of the prophetic words have said that America will go back to the 1960’s ever since President Obama told Israel they should go back to the 1967 borders.  Greg shares the difference is not the 1960’s like you think it is because the people who were in the streets those on the outside where trying to change what was happening on the inside.  Today those who are protesting against capitalism, the constitution and military strength are no longer on the outside they are now on the inside in key positions in the government from the congress, pentagon and the White House.  It is the same rebellious spirit that was present in the 60’s.



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