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Home » War; Does Each Soldier Answer for His Own Actions Before God?

War; Does Each Soldier Answer for His Own Actions Before God?

Courtesy of Yuriy Seleznev/

LISTEN NOW! WATCH!Greg, Pat, and Steve have a conversation about the importance of following orders and the outcomes that follow. By looking back at history there have been multiple leaders: Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, etc. Each of these leaders brought utter extermination to many of their own citizens. To say yes to Pol Pot would be to murder what would end up being 25% of the Cambodian people. To say yes to Hitler would cause the extermination of more than 6 million Jews in gas chambers. If we do not have the Word of God in our hearts, what do we rely on if we receive morally wrong orders? What if we have a leader that says we need to go to war with Israel? What would we do? Is it important to obey the leader, or God? Be empowered as you hear the details of these critical questions, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, The Vietnam War, The Medal of Honor, napalm, nightmares, morals, and truth.


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