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You are the Hero for this Generation

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LISTEN NOW!The word of hero and expectation of hero is often misrepresented. Most often we can perceive a hero as one who prepared day in and day out for the day of tragedy and how to respond accordingly, when in reality it is those moments of hardships and disaster that bring about the hero in someone. Whether it is a woman’s purse being stolen or someone’s house catching on fire, at that moment, each and every one of us have the choice to respond and be the hero or not to respond. Will we lay down our life choosing to live for eternity or choose to walk away living for this life? With the new release of Let the Lion Roar we are reminded that it was simple men and women that God used to do great things for His Kingdom. Individuals just like you that were written about in the Bible. Be encouraged as your perspective changes; stand up in your generation to be the hero where God has placed you, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: John G. Lake, burning buildings, character, Torch and the Sword, Pat Robertson, the Seven Mountains of Culture, and integrity. Greg, Pat, and Steve shared in this segment.


Let The Lion Roar Film Trailer

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