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Home » VFNRadio Second Hour November 19, 2014

VFNRadio Second Hour November 19, 2014



RULES for RADICALS: What is the Root of this? As Christians how should we respond? Part 2

   Looking at what is taking place in America and the nations, it can be seen how things are increasing in intensity. Responding naturally will only cause someone to becoming angered and respond rashly. Surprisingly enough, that is the desired outcome from these events. As the church, we should not respond to what we see naturally and not have faith in the world but have faith in Jesus Christ.  There will be difficulty to have peace in these changing times if our eyes are set on the things of this world. Man still wants to rule the world. The plans of man will always fall short of the plans of God. Regardless of the evil intentions of whoever is strategizing, the church must keep its gaze on the Kingdom and the King, Jesus Christ. Find your peace and hope as you gather Biblical wisdom on how to respond in these critical moments, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: hegemony, Broadway, Hillary Clinton, Amazon, Trayvon Martin, Israel, Christians, Ferguson, Greg, Pat and John shared in this segment.


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