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VFNRadio Second Hour November 21, 2014



Issachar! Do you know what time it is?

    It was only a few short years ago that a significant source of income for the nation was the information line that people would call asking what time it was. The day-to-day schedule of many is around daily events. What time is dinner? What time is the Super Bowl? What time are we meeting? What season are we in? We measure things by time. People who don’t know what time it is are going nowhere fast. There is coming a time when Jesus returns. But, what are we presently doing with the time that we are given? How much time do I have to do what God has called me to do with this one and only life that He has given me? Be empowered in your walk with God and seize the timing of your life that God has given you to maximize everything God has for you, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: wristwatches, sons of Issachar, seasons, farmers, storms, hardships, difficulty, and anointing. Greg, Pat and Steve shared in this segment.

Surety and Certainty: A life of walking in Authority; Jesus Showed Us

    There is a saying in the Marine Corps that “every Marine is a Rifleman”. Before any one recruit can graduate boot camp and earn the title “Marine”, each and every one must pass through the rifle range and learn how to effectively use an assault rifle. There is a difference between a real rifle and a toy gun purchased off of a retail shelf for a few dollars. When you see the nation’s military in uniform, you understand they are people of authority. They are confident in the authority that they have been raised and trained up in. That’s how the Church is called to walk, in authority, like Jesus did. Be encouraged in your faith in Jesus Christ as sons and daughters in His Kingdom, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: spiritual warfare, demons, signs, wonders, miracles, boldness, confidence, surety, certainty, faith, John G. Lake, disease, healings, and humility. Steve, Greg, and Pat shared in this segment.

Standing in agreement for the GLORY ZONE

    The Bible details an encounter that Moses had with God when Moses saw the back side of God. Moses saw the glory of God’s presence and his face radiated God’s glory. He had an encounter with God that affected an entire people. Begin to agree and declare that God’s Glory would manifest in such a mighty way that a wave of God’s Glory would not only come, but that it would spread like a tsunami across America and to the nations of the world! Be deeply encouraged as you hear the cry for the Lord to reveal His Glory Zone to us, the nations, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: tsunami, surfing, Azusa Street Revival, Glory of God, signs, wonders, dreams, and mailing lists. Greg, Pat and Steve shared in this segment.



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