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VFNRadio Second Hour November 27, 2014


Gratitude: Now or Later? 

Greg, John, and Steve discuss God’s perspective on the poor.  They discuss and remind VFNRadio listeners that every person has value no matter their economic status.  It’s all about loving God and loving others.  We must remember how blessed we are and be grateful for what we do have instead of worrying about what we don’t have.  Gratitude is coming; the question is whether we will have a heart of gratitude today when things are good in our abundance or later in our lack? 

Restoring Language for God’s Glory

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the tower of babel and how God said that the people would be able to accomplish what they set out to do.  God confused their language by giving them different languages resulting them in not being able to communicate with each other.  Then there was a time in Jesus ministry before he ascended to the father that he told his disciples to gather and to wait and when they did, on Pentecost they were filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit enabling them to communicate in different languages that were heard by people who spoke them.  What God caused to be confused at that time he restored at another time for His glory.


Grateful for work?

Greg and Pat share how important it is for employees to embrace an attitude of gratitude for having the opportunity to work.  They go on to say as God’s people we are not to force our employers to pay us more.




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