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What is the Speed Limit of Love?

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LISTEN NOW! In our day to day lives, we can begin to have routines. We drive the same roads. We cross the same intersections. We know when to hit cruise and when to “tap the brakes”. Without even knowing it, we can coast through our driving routines without even a glance at the speed limit signs. Ironically, only in the unfamiliar cities do we turn to those riding with us, “what is the speed limit here?” Suddenly, we are driving with the intention of looking for the posted speed limit. How do we respond to the people to the left and right of the “highway” of our lives? Relying on the familiarity of our “routine” could cause us to drive past the people to our left or right, without even knowing it. Allow your love to be stirred and your schedule to be challenged, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: highways, cruise, intersections, Emmaus Road, crowds, interruptions, baseball practice, the workplace, the dinner table, family, and love. Steve, Greg, and Pat shared in this segment.


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