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You CAN make a Difference in the World Today: Ask Johnny Yousef: Compassion the Great Need of the Hour


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LISTEN NOW! When we flip through the channels of headlines, scroll through the social media posts, there are countless different events taking place: celebrities in the news, entertainment, and humor. There are also injustices, travesties, and needs expressed. When we see something, do we respond initially with shock and possibly pity that something could happen so terribly wrong to another human being; or does it go another step further. Often times when the word compassion is used to express someone’s feelings, it is actually pity. When we respond to these emotions by resolving to just respond, but to act, then we have entered into compassion.

In regards to the recent 21 Christians that were beheaded on the shores of Tripoli, strictly because of their faith in Jesus Christ, that is exactly how Johnny Youssef responded, with compassion. Unable to sleep, thinking about the families of these 21 men; as a man from Egypt himself, he resolved to do something about it. Johnny posted a video to social media expressing to the world how this reality impacted him. He shares his own invitation for others to help support him in his response.

The travesties and devastations that are happening on the global scale can easily be perceived as overwhelming to any one person. But, when one person begins to focus on the one who needs help, that is when change occurs. As the Body of Christ, we are known by our fruit, our compassion, how we respond to one another. Jesus Himself describes a story in Matthew 25 about the sheep and the goats. How we respond to one another will determine which one we are, and ultimately how that effects our eternity. Be emboldened as you no longer see the globe as an intimidation but a wealth of opportunities to do something for the cause of Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: family, marriage, social media, 21 Christians, beheadings, Egypt, gifts, feelings, links of kindness, love, cows, herds, marriage, checking accounts, and compassion. Greg and John shared in this segment.



Raising Support for the Egyptian Families of the Murdered Christians

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