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LISTEN NOW! Imagine that you are George Washington, leading a ragtag army. You don’t know whether you are going to win or lose. Some of your men don’t even have shoes; and you are fighting the biggest army in the world: Great Britain. Your only hope is in God to offer up an Appeal to Heaven. This is exactly what is taking place in America today. Some would say that America is over. CBN is reporting how people are gathering crying out to God to intercede. Bishop Harry Jackson encourages the Church to remember the original intent of our history, “God’s original intent was to have a land that would preach the Gospel, share the Good News around the world. Our prosperity is tied to the purpose of God.” Dutch Sheets is traveling all across the United States According to Dutch Sheets, “I don’t care what they say about the unborn. I don’t care what they say about marriage. It ain’t over till God says it’s over. It’s not settled law until He says it’s settled law. We’re going to change these things.” As Sheets travels across the nation sharing this reminder to Appeal to Heaven, he has also launched the app, “Give Him 15” so that anyone anywhere can join in agreement in prayer. Be greatly encouraged and your faith will be lifted as you see and hear what God is doing, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: humility, prayer, repentance, George Washington, and agreement. Greg shared in this segment.
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