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Home » WATCH! Palestinian woman attacks Israeli Security Guard; and New Bill labeling Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Organization

WATCH! Palestinian woman attacks Israeli Security Guard; and New Bill labeling Muslim Brotherhood as Terrorist Organization




President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Meet for the First Time since the Passing of the Iran Deal

 President Obama has recently met with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu the first time after the deal that resulted in America reportedly giving Iran $150 billion. According to CBN, the relationship between America and Israel “has been one of the most strained in the history of U.S. – Israel relations.” As the former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren has an intimate understanding of the relationship that few would. Reportedly, Iran has directly funded the terrorist organization, Hezbollah, $1 billion a year. Oren expands on the dangers of this by stating, “With the $1 billion a year, Hezbollah has purchased 150,000 rockets; all pointed at us. This year, Iran is getting $150 billion in sanctions relief. That number over the next coming years is going to go up to about $700 billion. So how many rockets will Hezbollah be able to buy with $2 billion; $3 billion; $10 billion?” This is surely a precarious situation considering that, based on reports, America is directly funding the enemies of Israel. We must continue to be steadfast in our prayer for both Israel and America, and the leadership of our nations. Watch the full report to see and understand more about the relationship between Israel, the United States, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: President Obama, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Iran, Nuclear Arms Agreement, and prayer. John shared in this segment.

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Palestinian Woman Surprise Knife Attack on Israeli Security Guard

 Continual reports have been made known about the savage attacks that have been taking place in Israel. After repeated suicide bombers, rocket attacks, and now stabbings, there are continual threats increasingly happening in Israel. The most recent actions that are being made known are no different. A security camera captures an Israeli security guard verifying, what appears to be, documentation of a Muslim woman wearing a Hijab. Unbeknownst to the guard, the woman is casually reaching into her purse until she dramatically pulls out a butcher knife and lunges at the guard. This is what is taking place on a daily basis in Israel. We must be aware of what is taking place and continue to pray for Israel. Watch the video as you see it fully taking place, and so much more. John shared in this segment. 

New Bill Introduced to Designate Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization: Why Now?
 The world has watched as wave after wave of immigrants have poured over the borders into European nations. There have been many concerns about the individuals that are within these masses and the looming dangers of terrorists cloaking themselves in the chaos as they migrate from one country to another unnoticed. Well, these concerns have now been verified. WND is reporting, “For the second time in the past few months, a known terrorist with direct ties to an international terror organization has been caught trying to enter Italy posing as an asylum seeker.” Who is this known terrorist? Tunisian-born Ben Nasr Mehdi. Adding to WND’s report, Independent shares, “one of the most dangerous terrorists to have operated in Italy… He is considered to be an explosives expert and a contact for organizations such as al-Qaida that recruit jihadists from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.” If someone is thinking that just one person shouldn’t raise concern, it is important to revisit a few key historic events. It was only two individuals that carried out the Boston Marathon Bombing that shutdown the entire city of Boston. It was only a handful of individuals that hijacked 4 American planes that resulted in the tragedies of 9/11 and over 3,000 Americans being killed.
The Muslim Brotherhood has had ties and involvement in many of the terrorist activities carried out throughout the world. As a result, the Muslim Brotherhood is banned from 8 different countries. Eight. Surprisingly enough, the United States has yet to respond in the same manner. Considering the consistent raising concerns of terrorism in the West, and the realities involving the Muslim Brotherhood, Senator and Presidential Nominee, Ted Cruz has decidedly fueled these concerns by introducing a new bill. “Muslim Brother Terrorist Designation Act of 2015”, is exactly as it sounds. With this new bill, the Muslim Brotherhood will be designated and identified as a terrorist organization.
Why has the President not made such bold overt statements? Ironically enough, it was his first international speech when President Obama traveled to Cairo University when he shared his personal views. In his own words, President Obama declared, “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”As an individual and citizen of America, one can share and express their views anyway they like. These are the freedoms that the Constitution affords us. But, this is not the job of the President of the United States.
In order to understand the obvious concern, one has to understand the creed that the Muslim Brotherhood abides by.
Allah is our objective.
The prophet is our leader.
The Koran is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the name of Allah is our highest objective.
This is what President Obama is steadfastly set on supporting and defending.


A consistent voice that has been shouted aloud for all to hear is Brigitte Gabriel. When she was invited to speak at the Watchman on the Wall Conference, she continues the cry of warning to the West. “I am holding in my hands the Muslim Brotherhood plan for the destruction of the United States written 5/22/1991” Not only does she read directly from the report that highlights the obvious dangers that exist in America, but, she identifies “…front Islamic organizations set up in the United States with the specific goal of sabotaging America from within…” This lines up with the recent reports of a 7 phase plan, reportedly made known by a Jordanian journalist, of the Islamic plan to establish the Caliphate and Western Rule. We must wake up to the precarious hour that we are in and the events that are unfolding. Watch the full report as you see the clear timetable of events that has come together to the reality of today, what we can do about it, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Muslim Brotherhood, immigrants, United Nations, al-Qaeda, Radical Islam, stereotypes, Sharia Law, Sallafiyah, The Constitution, Caliphate, jihad, Family Research Council, Muslim Student Association, and The Islamic Society of North America. John and Steve shared in this segment.


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