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Home » WATCH! Will ISIS attack America during Thanksgiving Holiday? Has a Biometric Identification Card been Put into Law?

WATCH! Will ISIS attack America during Thanksgiving Holiday? Has a Biometric Identification Card been Put into Law?




Will there be A Terrorist Attack this Thanksgiving?
 As the citizens in Paris still recover from the evil and devastating acts of last Friday, other parts of the world hold concerns as well wondering where the next terrorist attack will be. Will America be next? Erick Stackelbeck, terrorism analyst with CBN, dialogued about these looming concerns in the West. When asked about the threat of similar terrorist attacks being carried out in America during Thanksgiving, Stackelbeck admonished, “If you listen to… Director of FBI James Comey saying there are 900 cases right now active into ISIS related activity in all 50 states.” Formed Jihadist who has left Islam and given his life to Jesus Christ, Kamal Saleem, has raised an even higher warning with numbers devastatingly larger when he specifically asked the American Border Patrol what the reports were. In 2010, “over 450,000 Islamic Terrorists cross into the United States of America.”
Some has expressed that what we are seeing and experiencing is strictly spiritual.   
It has been revealed from the Lord, that there will be a physical attack on America.

When this word was given in December of 2011, it was immediately confirmed, within seconds. When these warnings are continually confirmed by source after source, as the Church we cannot turn a blind eye or cover our ears. We must pray that these things do not happen, that the Church would turn back to God and stop these realities from happening. Listen to full dialogue of what the Lord has made known confirming the days ahead, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: President Obama, ISIS, strategy, France, CBN, Erick Stakelbeck, Morningstar Ministries, John Paul Jackson, David Wilkerson, and prophecy. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Vine Seminar: Original Intent of the Church

In light of all the looming warnings, with many gripped with fear considering the visualizations of recent terror attacks, these are important reminders that we must BE the Church. Being the Church is not as difficult as religion makes it out to be. It is all about relationship. God wants His Church back. When we abandon personal agendas and focus on one other, God is so pleased with this. Miracles, healings, signs and wonders are simply a byproduct of The Church, the people, coming together. If this sounds unfamiliar to you, you may be interested in being a part of the upcoming Vine Seminar; a three day event that shows what it means to walk out Being the Church just as it was birthed in the Book of Acts. Be encouraged as you learn about the Vine Seminar, and so much more. Also shared in this segment. Relationship, the Fear of the Lord, the Presence of God, and fellowship. Greg and John shared in this segment.


Driver’s License Biometric National Identification Card?
The concept of safety was radically transformed after the evil events of September 11, 2001. In America, life would never be the same, from this day forward. What many may not be aware of is the bill that was passed in Congress a few short years later. The Bill: The Real ID Act. Rick Wiles recently expounded on this truth when he was on the Jim Bakker Show. “Your driver’s license is going to become the National ID card.” As these truths became known, there was widespread opposition to the Bill.“There was so much opposition that state legislatures started passing bills saying, ’we’re not going to follow it, we’re not going to participate’. This was in 2005. Fast forward 10 years and you may be surprised as to how the Real ID Act effects our present day situation.
Wiles cautions as he expresses when this Real ID Act is set to come into effect. “The Department of Homeland Security is telling various state governments in the United States, ‘your driver’s licenses are no longer valid’. Wiles continues, “Starting October 1st, if you do not have a driver’s license that is acceptable to the Department of Homeland Security, according to the Real ID Act, you will not be allowed to enter federal buildings.” He doesn’t stop there. “Starting in January, you cannot board an aircraft. Whether you all know it, you’re being locked down.”


If this sounds preposterous to you, it may be even more concerning to see what has already been taking place in India. CNN’s, Fareed Zakaria, has asked the imaginary scenario, “Imagine creating a system to track 1.2 billion people; photographing them, fingerprinting them, cataloguing them, giving them all ID’s.”This scenario isn’t exactly “imaginary” when you see and hear his guest, Nandan Nilekani. Nilekani is the Chairman of India’s Unique Identification Authority. This is being carried out in India’s entire population. “We have already enrolled 2 million people in the last three years since the project began. We are using the biometrics to give them a unique number…what’s most important is that this is a digital, online ID.” You may ask yourself why they are implementing this and why people would accept this. Nilekani explains, “We have millions of people who still don’t have a formal identity or acknowledgement of their existence by the state. Unless you have a formal acknowledgement of existence, you can’t get a bank account, or a loan, mobile phone, entitlements, you can’t get a job, you can’t get a house. So, everything is linked to your basic identity…” It’s safe to say that this is tied to the economy. Does ‘buying and selling’ come to mind?  What is even more staggering is that these numbers are from 2012. These are the days that require wisdom. We must pay close attention to the happenings that are unfolding. Watch the full report as you find out for yourself how obvious these events are, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Congress, United Nations, airplane, and biometric identifier, Mark of the Beast, warning, prophecy, Homeland Security, George Soros, and government entitlements. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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