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Home » Prophetic Warnings: Banks Crashing! Bond Market crashing? Robert Kiyosaki, U. S. Dollar? David Wilkerson, Chris Reed and more

Prophetic Warnings: Banks Crashing! Bond Market crashing? Robert Kiyosaki, U. S. Dollar? David Wilkerson, Chris Reed and more

People were standing outside their banks trying to get their money


Update 04.13.23 Secretary Yellen FORCED to Admit “Silicon Valley Bank’ FAILURE was BENEFICIAL to Big Banks.  The Federal Reserve’s Actions with Big Bank Failures threatens small community banks.  Depositors are moving their funds from community banks to large banks ‘If you go to one of our preferred banks, we will cover your losses.  It’s happening because you are fully insured when you are at a big bank, not in a community bank.’ .  Senator James Langford and Secretary of the Federal Reserve Bank Yellen. What Yellen’s testimony before congress for full details.

Update 03.21.23  FedNow! Federal Reserve Preparing to Take Over the the Dollar with Digital Dollar? 

THE FIRST COUNTRY THAT GOES BANKRUPT…the first country that bellies up you get every dime you have – church get your money out of the bank because YOU’VE GOT TWO WEEKS because there’s going to be a bank holiday and you won’t be able to get a dime for six months.” David Wilkerson, prophet, and pastor.  I will share more of David Wilkerson’s prophetic word on United States banks crashing.  As well as the prophetic dream given to prophet Chris Reed about what he says the Lord showed him what will be taking place to the United States Dollar.

Two banks having collapsed, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank [third biggest bank failure in U. S. History] and now the Bonds Market is threatened to crash, which is bigger than the United States Stock Market and is the world’s largest market, Robert Kiyosaki says on Fox business March 13, 2023.  More of what Kiyosaki said will be shared later in this article.

March 6,  “At 1:00 a.m. on Monday, March 6, 1933 President Roosevelt issued Proclamation 2039 ordering the suspension of all banking transactions, effective immediately. He had taken the oath of office only thirty-six hours earlier.

The terms of the presidential proclamation specified that “NO SUCH BANKING INSTITUTION OR BRANCH SHALL pay out, export, earmark, or permit the withdrawal or transfer in any manner or by any device whatsoever, of any gold or silver coin or bullion or currency or take any other action which might facilitate the hoarding thereof; nor shall any such banking institution or branch pay out deposits, make loans or discounts, deal in foreign exchange, transfer credits from the United States to any place abroad, or TRANSACT ANY OTHER BANKING BUSINESS WHATSOEVER.”

We are not able to give anyone any financial advice, nor do we support those who are contributors to this article in the financial advice they are giving.  We are posting this only because we are seeking prophetic insight.  What did say, or is God saying anything about the financial market and America’s economy?

Why would the U. S. Government declare a “bank holiday” like President Roosevelt issued March 6, 1933?  The reason is to prevent a bank run.  When people panic that their money will no longer be safe in their bank, they “run” to their “bank” and withdraw all their money.  Hence, a bank run.  What are the banks and the government solution to a bank run, closing your banks access [the doors to your bank] to keep you from getting access to any of your money.  They write about this in the small print of your banking agreement.  Every bank and savings and loan are reported to have an action plan the moment they see a “run on their bank” or the government calls a “bank holiday.”

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, but God’s Kingdom is forever!  When the kingdoms of this world do well, or do bad, the Kingdom of God continues forward.  It is God Himself, Who determines if a nation will rise, or if a nation will fall so it is to Him and Him alone we should seek for the life of our nation.  This article is not a fear stoking article, nor a “everything-is-fine” article, it is just a word in due season.

There was a day someone would steal all the gold in a nation to take it down and bring it into servitude, but thanks to President Richard Nixon removing the U. S. Dollar from the “Gold Standard” where every dollar was backed by gold it is now backed by oil, OPEC, the energy blood that every nation needs to survive and thrive. Which means how to destroy America has changed.  The Lord showed me in a prophetic dream about Richard Nixon, China and some U. S. Congress members as it appears they have all been working a global war of greed against the United States of America for world hegemony, but not so fast.  It appeared the Lord showed me that He sees their schemes and plans to bring justice to them all.  What we have been witnessing over the last approximately 36 months was a war on energy, a war on oil.  Stop the use of fossil fuels they shout from the education mountain, media mountain, entertainment mountain, government mountain and every mountain they can proclaim it from.  That is like saying “destroy all the gold” when the U. S. Dollar was backed by the Gold Standard.  Their attack on energy, on oil, is a direct attack on the American economy, the U. S. Dollar being the world’s international reserve currency.  It is attacking America! Like a body that has no blood is dead, a nation without energy is dead.  They are making promises that they know alternative options currently are not able to deliver on, yet they continue.  Why?  It’s a war on America, a nation founded on Judeo Christian principles which those who seek to destroy America call as just part of “Western Civilization.”  You see they feel America has always been in their way, and the God of America, which the Bible is even quoted in the U. S. Constitution itself, is in the way.  Their war is against God.  That is why you see every law of God being broken everywhere they can break them.  They desire to break America away from God and from the United States Constitution and its international reserve currency status.  Sieging America as other nations have been seized in history.  Yes, they are making a play for world dominance, hegemony.


It appears that those in power, led by the White House, are seeking to establish a digital currency in America of which the Federal Reserve Bank of New York gave it a three month trial run in November of 2022 while everyone was enjoying their Thanksgiving with their families.

What are the pluses and minuses of a digital currency?  It all depends on who is leading our government and if the United States Constitution is still intact.  It has undergone great damage during the last four years with no end in sight of when they plan to stop violating its laws.  Those who understand prophecy know that there will be a beast economy that will go into place in the last days that will prevent anyone from buying or selling without its permission.  Digital currency is a perfect tool to control such a huge undertaking.  The knobs of economy power will be in the hands of potentially a secretary of treasure or President of the United States, or the corporations who hollowed out the soul of a president and fill them with their own greed for power and control as spoken also in the book of Revelation.   Imagine having the supply of oxygen for someone’s life. You can turn it on or off at your pleasure.  If you like what they are doing, you can turn it on.  If you do not like what they are doing you can cut it down or off.  To keep from focusing too much of this article on a digital economy, that is a fast way to explain what a digital economy will be like.  I do want to say, the Lord showed me a vision, which I shared on our television program, that all the paper money on the earth will be removed and will go up in flames, which leaves us with the digital currency that will more than likely follow as was spoken of in the Bible in Revelation. This means, God knew this day was coming! When you are speaking about the economy being taken over by a few, you are talking about servitude of the nations people. It would mean the loss of our freedom.

David Wilkerson says in his prophetic warning, Now I’ve had visions recently for I’ve been in New York City, and I was in Macy’s in a vision and I saw people walking around stunned because they couldn’t get their money out of the bank. Now I’m going to give you a word of advice. The first country that goes bankrupt, and I’ve documented this and I’ve got it sealed in an envelope and I’m going to call all my friends and I’m telling you – this is the first time I’ve said it in a public meeting like this – but the first country that bellies up you get every dime you have – church get your money out of the bank because you’ve got two weeks because THERE’S GOING TO BE A BANK HOLIDAY and you won’t be able to get a dime for six months. Now of course, there is going to be order restored, but the nation will never be like it is again. There is going to be fear like we’ve never known. Judgment is at the door!  “When I was at Macy’s department store in a vision and I watched people walking around stunned. They didn’t even know what to do. They didn’t know what was happening. Then a bunch of young people walked into Macy’s and suddenly went wild and began to steal. Within an hour everybody, I saw their sprit, everybody in that store = and they were robbing and stealing. They raped Macy’s and destroyed all five floors of Macy’s. It was raped and ruined in a period of an hour or two. THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING.

I shared a prophetic message and many words about Prudent Preparation which will be helpful in filling in all the holes in your understanding and most importantly how and why to prepare at

Chris Reed, of Morning Star Ministries, shared about a prophetic dream he received on March 25, 2022, saying it was from the Lord where he says he was told what will happen to the United States Dollar.

Here are the prophetic headlines as part of the prophetic encounter.

  1. “Dollar’s Value Drops Thirty Percent”
  2.  Fifty Dollar Bill (50 States) Torn in Half
  3. Mideast Deal Strikes Deal with China Instead of the United States of America
  4. “The Perfect Storm – Inflation Reaches a New High”
  5. “Food Shortage Crisis as Wheat and Bread Imports are at a Stalemate”
  6.  ‘Riots and Civil Unrest as Citizens Demand Entitlement Checks’
  7.  Fifty Dollar Bill Torn in Half (50 States Divided) Followed by Earthquake in United States
  8. “Israeli and Palestinian Two State Solution Reached”
  9. “Major Earthquake hits the middle of the United States”
  10. The Fifty Dollar Bill (50 States) were being Tore in Smaller Pieces one by one.
  11. “America in Pieces. – More States Secede in Rebellion to the Federal Government.”
  12. “United States Military Takes Charge as Uncertainty Looms Over the Federal Government.”
  13. A New One Dollar Bill Was Shown, but the One Dollar Bill Looked Like a Cell Phone (Digital Currency)
  14. “New Currency, for a Renewed Nation”
  15. Simplicity Restored as Americans Grow Their Own Food Again”
  16. Read every word shared about this prophetic encounter.

United States Bond Market possibly about to fail?  Robert Kiyosaki says.  “I called Lehman Brothers [failure] years ago and he then names what he thinks is the next bank to go… The real problem is the BOND MARKET IS CRASHING.” Kiyosaki goes on to say“The Bond Market is much bigger than the stock market, as we know…I’m concerned about IRA’s and pension plans. The Bond Market is the biggest market in the WORLD.  And all the countries of the world are in U. S. bills T Bills [U. S. Treasuries] and T Bonds…the U. S. Dollar is losing is hegemony [its international reserve currency].”  “MY CONCERN IS THAT THE PENSIONS ARE IN TROUBLE because they are loaded with bonds also.  And my generation, the Boomers we’re starting to retire.  This is the worst, THE PERFECT STORM IN MANY WAYS.” says Kiyosaki.

Robert Kiyosaki explains, on Fox Business, March 13, 2023, “why investors would be wise to buy gold and silver as the Fed and FDIC signal more money printing” In the interview after showing a gold coin and a silver corn, he said he was concerned about the U. S. Bond Market.

He held up an American one-dollar bill and said “This is trash.  They are going to print more and more of this fake money.” Because of “hyperinflation,” he says.  “That is what the Fed and the FDIC are signally, that we are going to print as much of this as possible to keep the CRASH from accelerating.” Kiyosaki says. “But, they are the guys that are causing [hyperinflation].” Kiyosaki says.

God is not surprised.  He knows the motives of all people’s hearts and He knows those who are His and is able to keep them.  One way He does this is to lead us by His Spirit, through words of knowledge, dreams, visions, scripture.  Every prophetic word should be weighed in accordance with scriptureWe know and prophesy in part.  So, no matter how much of a person or person’s prophetic vision, dream or word you have, you still need to seek the Lord about what you should do as well as asking Him is this word even for you or even for your region or generation.  God is faithful and speaks to those who abide with Him.

Now more than ever, it is important to begin to abide with Jesus.  He says, His sheep know His voice and follow none other.  He says if we abide with Him and Him with us, we can bear fruit, even in difficult times.

Many want to abide with the Lord, but they do not have a plan.  We have a free simple abiding plan for you.  Simply go to and request your free plan today!

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