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WATCH! Are the mothers and daughters in America about to be drafted for war?; Abortion on Television Program?; Bacon and Chik-fil-A




Women now Entering the Draft

The world is watching as a possible World War is materializing. In America, another concerning factor is being introduced. When the Selective Service Act was passed, it was designed as a mandate for all men, aged 18-25, to register and be called in the case of a military draft being implemented. In 1940, President Truman had to implement this draft when America entered a time of war. President Truman was the first to pull a draft number during a peace time, “Serial Number 158”. According to the Wall Street Journal,


“The Obama administration is considering proposing changes to the Selective Service Act following Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s decision Thursday to open all combat positions to women without exceptions. The White House said Friday it will work with Congress to consider the Defense Department’s analysis of how the shift will affect the Selective Service Act, which requires all men ages 18 to 25 to register for the draft.”


The decisions that our nation has been making over the last 7 years is putting us into a reality so that we can be launched into war. It is amazing what has happened over such a short period of time?


If a war comes up, it will not be just our sons and fathers who are drafted, but also our daughters and mothers. Of course there are women who are more than able to serve in our nation’s military, and do so successfully; but, not all women share this desire. When man calls you, it is often to go forward. When God calls you, it is to return back to where you came from. In a draft, one does not have a choice. God gives us a choice. We can turn back to Him, to His ways, and to His heart. We do not have to continue down the direction that we are currently travelling on. Hear the full report of what is taking place, the consequences of these considerations, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: military, war, President Obama, Obama Administration, bathrooms, ISIS, President Clinton, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Television Program Broadcast woman having an abortion while playing Silent Night? 


As we come to a close of this Christmas Season, many are still celebrating the joyous realities of this season; the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. There are the decorations signifying the manger scene, and there are the many Christmas Songs with the very lyrics signifying the miracle of this momentous event. Reportedly, when ABC decided to air the song Silent Night during one of its productions, Scandal, it wasn’t representing what most would recall during this Christmas Season. During this particular episode of Scandal, a woman is shown having an abortion. When the very lyrics acknowledging Jesus Christ are being completely omitted from other publications, and Christmas trees are being removed, this is what is reportedly being aired across our nation.


As a nation, we have to take a stand to what we are doing with the female reality of our nation. Presently, a significant portion of our products come from China; a nation that just decided to lift the ban of a “1 child policy” to now allowing “2 children”. China aborts female babies at the onset of awareness that they are female because it is the “males” that can support the families, not the “females”. This is not to point fingers, but we must take into consideration the implication of our choices. What are we as The Church allowing in our lives that is bringing us to the reality that we are facing today? Is this the direction that we want to go?


In the beginning of the 20th Century, America experienced a decade that we now recognize as the “Roaring 20’s”. When many freedoms were being implemented, more were introduced that began to push the boundaries of the day. Overnight, the celebrations came to a screeching halt when the Stock Market Crash of 1929 came into full effect. As a result the people prayed, turned to God, and men like Billy Graham were raised up during this season. Why does a “crash” have to happen in order for us to seek the heart of God? Hear the full report of what is taking place, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: ABC, Scandal, abortion, China, King Herod, Financial Collapse, Chicago, Al Capone, and repentance. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Chick-Fil-A Normally Closed on Sundays OPEN for a Special Reason


As Chick-Fil-A has consistently kept its operating hours to only 6 days a week, allowing their employees to worship God freely on Sunday, they have been blessed, as well as recognized throughout the nation. All of that changed recently when Chick-Fil-A decided to open on Sunday. Contrary to what one may think though. In light of the recent storms in Texas, they have opened operation strictly to serve those in the area by offering food. Hear the heartwarming story of what is happening, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Hobby Lobby, John Paul Jackson, and Facebook. Greg and John shared in this segment.



Baby’s Priceless Reaction to Bacon


As many families are recounting and remembering the many memories created during this past Christmas season, one family is sharing a memory that has caused many more to laugh. We all have many “firsts” in our lives. When you watch a baby taste his first piece of bacon, you are sure to laugh and enjoy the moment. Allow a smile and a giggle to come as you hear this family’s laughter and so much more. Also shared in this segment: family and bacon. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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