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Israel in Four Years will Not Need America but does America Need Israel?


LISTEN NOW! Never before has there being such rapid advancements of technology as there are right now. There other advancements taking place not only in technology, but in many other industries as well. Where? In Israel. In a recent conference with Perry Stone, these advancements in Israel will have major impacts on the rest of the world. In a conversation with an undisclosed Jewish man, Stone recounts, “Israel will not need the United States in four years”. As Stone presses the man to expound on this weighty statement, the man proceeds to highlight 4 important topics: gas fields, military technology, farming, and medical breakthroughs. As he expounds on these medical breakthroughs, Stone continues, “Israel will eventually, over the years, find a cure for every disease on the planet.”

As Stone was speaking with another experienced figure in the industry of pharmaceuticals, it was made known that, “Israel has stuff coming out that might even treat Alzheimer’s, can treat diabetes; in fact, they’re predicting there will be no diabetes in Israel with the treatments they are coming up with.” What is an even more profound topic is the dialogue that Stone continues to share regarding what would cause this discovery to remain unavailable to the United States.


If Israel will be self-sufficient, and self-sustainable in four years, what will that mean for the United States? What will that mean for the rest of the world? Is Israel already on track for reaching such a profound statement? By looking at just a few of these industries within Israel, you may be surprised as to what has already been discovered.


Through a series of videos, Made in Israel, CBN has brought to visual life, the many breakthroughs that have taken place in Israel, as well as those that are currently being developed and perfected. In regards to Agriculture, “the coastal plains were swampy, the Galilee and the Judean hills were rocky, and the Southern half of the country was mostly desert.” This isn’t the optimal soil for nutritious crops. All of that was soon to change.


After only few decades, malaria was conquered; new breeds of cherry tomatoes and potatoes were developed; developments in crop preservation; and organic farming. This is just the beginning. As a highlight of how these developments are impacting the globe, the farmers in Israel have shared their developments in 32 other countries as well. “In California, 60% of the strawberry fields are treated with Biobee;” This is just one of the products developed in Israel.


If the agricultural advancements were not enough to turn the attention of the world to Israel, the developments in medicine surely will. Israeli venture capitalist, Jonathan Medved, says it this way; “Israel has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Actually our life expectancy here is about four years longer than the U.S…”


Cancer research is hitting new heights with the new device, “The Nano Artificial Nose”. This breakthrough “can detect tumors before they’re even visible on x-rays just by analyzing a patient’s breath”. CBN’s, Made in Israel, compilation continues; “The Artificial Nose is still in clinical trials where the accuracy rates range from 86% to 97%…”Other advancements, are “The Orcam”, technology that helps those with limited eye sight that audibly says whatever you point at. “For those with total vision loss, there is Project Ray, the first ever smartphone for the blind.” Other important discoveries are “The Rewalk”, helping those walk again, and “The Artificial Pancreas”.


Now, more than ever, we must recognize the importance of standing with Israel. Be amazed and greatly encouraged as to the advancements and developments happening within Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: 1967 borders, Constitution, Chuck Pierce, North Korea, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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