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Home » WATCH! The time is now for a 3rd Great Awakening; Remembering the Wonders of the Lord

WATCH! The time is now for a 3rd Great Awakening; Remembering the Wonders of the Lord




Crying Out for Revival: Remembering the Wonders of the Lord
It is no surprise that America is facing a dark hour and dark events in this present day. Are these events any different from the events that the history of America reveals? When we look back at the humble beginnings of America, the hardships and difficulties of the American Revolution and Civil War cannot be oversighted. But, what were the events that took place BEFORE these events? A growing sound of voices crying out, and repentant hearts, hungry for God steadily began to increase for the presence of God.
God got a hold of one man, Jonathan Edwards, who was a beginning catalyst that erupted into what is now known as the Great Awakening. Author Eddie Hyatt documents the events in his book, American’s Revival Heritage. According to Hyatt, Edwards remembers the events by saying, “one day God invaded the town of North Hampton. The town seemed to be full of the Presence of God.” The messages of Edwards were followed by George Whitfield; “Entire towns repenting and turning to God.”
The events that unfolded in North Hampton, Massachusetts similarly happened when the people of Brownsville, Florida, gathered at Brownsville Assembly of God and were caught by surprise just as much when the Presence of God filled and flooded the gathering of the Church. What transpired on Father’s Day 1995 would become known as The Brownsville Revival. No one had any idea what was about to transpire when a young evangelist named Steve Hill came to speak and remember the wonders of the Lord.
This very day caught everyone by surprise, except for Steve Hill, when the room was impregnated with the awesome Glory of God’s presence. Pastor John Kilpatrick immediately responded at the recognition of God’s Presence, “HE’S HERE!” Testimony after testimony was experienced when thousands upon thousands of people received prayer from Steve Hill’s simple words, “More Lord”. At first people were responding, then cities and states, and ultimately, people from other nations were coming to respond to the presence of God.

Amidst the many events that make up the timeline of history in our past, God has a timeline of events that will stir your faith and encourage your hunger for more of Him and His Presence. Don’t be satisfied for the trappings of distractions in the world, but be deeply encouraged and become desperate for the presence of God in  your life as you hear about the stories of what took place, what God is about to do once again on the Gulf Coast, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: revival, testimony, Constitutional Convention, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Glory of God, Steve Hill, repentance, the Blood of Jesus, the Cross, the Gospel, humility, desperation, hunger, children, and eternity. John and Steve shared in this segment.


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