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WATCH! President Obama visits a Muslim Mosque in America Allegedly tied to Terrorism? And the Greatest Persecuted Minority in the World



President Obama Visits Mosque in the United States Allegedly Having “Links to Terrorism” says CBN


There has been a continual rise of persecution against Christians throughout the world. Radical Islam has openly declared its hatred towards Christianity. Presently, Christianity is the most persecuted minority on Earth. With all of this taking place, President Obama has decided to visit a Mosque in America. CBN is reporting that, according to an Investigative Project on Terrorism that “this mosque has a long history of ties of terrorism”.  Hear the full report of what is taking place, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.



Report Card for Congress: Wilberforce Initiative


You may have heard before that the problems in America are because of those in Washington. There are 530 elected officials in Washington because the 330 million people in America that voted for them. Not to vote is to vote. Instead of waiting until someone gets to office to find out what type of decisions they are going to make, we can educate ourselves beforehand.


The 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative was created in order to understand how our officials have acted previously regarding certain issues. Think of it as a scorecard. Former United States Representative, The Honorable Frank Wolf, said it this way. “If there is a vote on that issue, everyone ought to know about it. If there’s a vote on genocide resolution, which I hope there is soon, everyone ought to know how their member of congress voted on that issue. So, that’s really the purpose of it…” How beneficial would this information be when considering future candidates to make up the leadership of our nation?


You determine who your representative is. Too many people are pointing their finger at someone to blame. You are not only encouraged to take part in the voting process but also empowered and informed as to how, as well as the powerful story of William Wilberforce, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: slavery, representation, voting, democracy, salvation, and government. Greg and John shared in this segment.



Get Involved in the Electoral Process: We have a Representative Government


As Americans, we have the freedoms offered in this country that not many others have the ability to exercise. Taking this into consideration, we must utilize this opportunity and get involved in what it means to vote, to choose who will be our nation’s next elected President.


Each of the candidates post their own websites, share their views and the vision for their candidacy. We can take the time now, before the time comes to step into the voting booth and select one of their names. We cannot rely strictly on a commercial ad, or what others recommend. Each us must decide for ourselves. Does the vision of a particular candidate line up with God’s values?


If you don’t think the existence of religious values has any benefit, just ask one particular Harvard Business professor. Clayton Christensen who once had a Marxist Economist from China who was completing a Fullbright Fellowship at the college. Intrigued to know what stood out to the man or what was “unexpected”, Christensen was surprised at the man’s immediate response.


“Yeah. I had no idea how critical religion is to the functioning of democracy. The reason why democracy works is not because the government was designed to oversee what everybody does, but rather, democracy works because most people, most of the time, voluntarily choose to obey the law; And, in your past, most Americans attended a church or a synagogue every week, and they were taught there by people who they respected…Americans followed these rules because they had come to believe that they weren’t just accountable to society. They were accountable to God…”


Democracy is not a spectator sport. You have to be engaged. This is the year that we can take the time and get educated. Educate ourselves so that the decisions we make will be informed decisions.

In nations past, leadership was changed after the carrying out of a war. This is no longer the case for us in present-day America. We have the ability and the freedom to be able to vote for those who desire to lead this nation. Allow these truths that guide you and encourage you to take time today to research those individuals who are asking for your vote because they will be the ones leading the nation tomorrow, be informed as to how vital your choice to vote, or not to vote truly is, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: values, Weimar Republic, The Constitution, The Fourth Amendment, Congress, freedom, democracy, independence, and telephone lines. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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