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Home » WATCH! The Calling Upon your Life is More than Going to Church, NBA testimony Dwight Howard, and Revival Happening in China?

WATCH! The Calling Upon your Life is More than Going to Church, NBA testimony Dwight Howard, and Revival Happening in China?



The Gospel, The Commission: Our Privilege


Did you know that the calling that God has placed upon your life is so much greater than simply “going to church”? Without the full knowledge of what God has called each and every one of us to be a part of would cause any of us to completely lose sight of this powerful journey. Jesus did not only give us the key of forgiveness to break free from the shackles of sin and condemnation, He has opened the door of our “jail cells” and called us into His awesome presence to Go and Make Disciples. If this truth were not enough, He has made known that He desires to go with us, when we allow Him to take over our lives. Watch the very cinematic production of this truth as you are awakened to the full story of the Gospel, The Great Commission, and so much more. Greg shared in this segment.

NBA’s Dwight Howard, of Houston Rockets Shares His Powerful Testimony of His Relationship with Jesus Christ

When Dwight Howard was drafted from high school to take part in the National Basketball Association (NBA), his mission when he stepped on the court was this, “…to preach God’s word, you know, in the NBA,” says Dwight. “Use the NBA as a platform for God. And when I’m on the floor, you know, let people see, you know, the God in me.” The atmosphere and culture of the professional arena isn’t without temptation. After sharing with many his Christian faith, he found himself in the reality of being a father, and not married.


He received much heat from his teammates during this moment in his life, but he remembers how God led him through. “The minute I messed up, the minute I sinned, everybody took a shot at me, ‘man you supposed to be a Christian’. But, Jesus died on the Cross for our sins. So, if He’s willing to forgive us, why can’t we forgive each other?”


After finishing up his time with the Orlando Magic, being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, Howard is now breaking franchise records with the Houston Rockets. These transitions did not come easy. When Lakers fans responded negatively to his departure, Howard again shares how he felt in these moments. “And now everybody hates me again. I’m like oh my God, like God, like please, just do something. And He said, ‘listen, if the whole world hates you, I love you. Always remember that.’ So I just tried to put away all the hate and everything like that and just focus on my relationship with Him.”


The testimony of Howard is continuing to send shock waves of light and God’s forgiveness for all the world to see as well as other Christian athletes like Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin. Watch this personal testimony as you hear about God’s forgiveness, His faithfulness, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Jonathan Cahn: Eternal Warfare Against Israel

Why does it appear that anyone with a camera, a microphone, or an agenda, is set out to be against Israel? It’s almost as if the one kid walking down the school hallway is constantly getting bullied! When Jonathan Kahn recently spoke on the Jim Bakker Show, he commented on this reality. “If the enemy could have wiped out the Jewish people, there would be no Jewish people for Jesus to come back to…that explains thousands of years of the dragon going crazy to wipe out these people. That explains anti-Semitism. That explains the Holocaust. That explains Hitler. That explains all of it…”


When considering the timelines of history of the Jewish people, Cahn has these encouraging words, “It always looks impossible, until it happens.” When looking at the Jewish land of Israel, many said it was impossible but it exists now. When voices said Jerusalem wouldn’t come, it did. “Everything He said, He did. Everything He said was going to come, has come.”  Hear these exciting words about the realities of Israel, what Jonathan Cahn reminds us when we each experience difficulties, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

Explosive Revival in China, in State Controlled Church!

By looking at some of the events taking place in America, some would say that the government is controlling us. This is nowhere near the reality of what is taking place in China. Presently, China is still considered a Communist and Atheist country. Although, you wouldn’t consider that when seeing what is taking place within China’s State-Controlled churches.


As one who has personally witnessed the transformation, Pastor Duan, shares about what the norms were like in Communist China. “Every sermon that the pastor preached back then had to be vetted by the government authorities. Young people were never allowed to attend these churches so you’d only see old people, mostly women. Preaching about the power of the Holy Spirit was forbidden. You couldn’t talk about end times or preach repentance.” What is taking place now is nothing of the sort.


When CBN’s George Thomas sat down with Pastor Duan, he learned more about the makeup of the churches within China. “Two main types of churches exist in China: registered and unregistered. Registered congregations, also known as Three-Self Churches, are government-approved. Unregistered, sometimes called underground or house churches, operate outside government control, and for decades faced intense persecution. And with that persecution came tremendous growth.”
This tremendous growth that seemed to only be experienced within the Unregistered churches is now taking place within the State-Controlled Churches! Watch these exciting testimonies of what is taking place in China, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

United in Prayer: Cry Out to the Lord – Pensacola

Ministers from across Pensacola recently came together to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of WHBR’s faithful light and broadcasting of Christian Television. It was in this gathering of celebration that Pastors stood up announcing an upcoming prayer event asking God for revival.  Pastor Joey Rogers, with Pace Assembly, and Pastor Ted Trailer with Olive Baptist are having the “United in Prayer-Cry out to the Lord” event at Olive Baptist in Pensacola, Florida on March 20th at 6 pm. This is such an exciting time as the Church is recognizing that we must step across denominational lines, come together, and hold Jesus high. God responds mightily to a humble and repentant people. Hear more about this exciting event, be a part of what God is doing on the Gulf Coast, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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