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The Church Taking Activated and Delivering Water to the Residents of Flint Michigan


LISTEN NOW! According to reports, leadership Flint, Michigan have taken recent actions to change the source that the city’s water originates from. Sadly, this decision has resulted in the city’s water being contaminated with lead poisoning. According to CBN, Pastor Atkins, from Gideon Christ Community Church, and his team of volunteers have responded to be the needed hands and feet to the city of Flint. Pastor Atkins shares the powerful words as to what started the response. “I was prompted by the Holy Spirit that I had to do something. My original intent was to do 75 cases of water, but it turned out to be 350 cases of water.”

By looking around your community, your nearby streets, it is easy to notice that so many people are in need. Where is the Church? Are we out where the people are? We have to get outside the walls and go where the needs are. If a vacuum forms because of the absence of light, we can’t complain about what darkness does. Hear this full story and be encouraged to be the hands and feet of Jesus in your community, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: sheep and goats, believers, needy, homeless, prayer, and service. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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