Home Crisis 11,000 Homes Flooded Underwater, Many Broken and Hopeless Until Operation Blessing Arrives Ministering the Love of Jesus by Meeting Physical Needs

11,000 Homes Flooded Underwater, Many Broken and Hopeless Until Operation Blessing Arrives Ministering the Love of Jesus by Meeting Physical Needs

LISTEN NOW! Storms and natural disasters are rarely, if ever, scheduled. They simply come into an area, wreak havoc, and leave communities of tens of thousands of people in devastation. Most recently, the city of Robert, Louisiana is one such community. Reportedly, over 11,000 homes have been flooded by the flooding that has taken place in this region. Operation Blessing has responded and is on scene rendering not only aid and support, but also praying for those vulnerable and in need of just about everything.


In a special interview with Operation Blessing, Deputy Director Raymond McGregor gives us a first-hand perspective of what is taking place on the ground.  According to McGregor, Operation Blessing is not only presently on the ground in Louisiana, but also has bases in 23 other countries.


The residents of the Robert, LA area went to sleep only to wake up with many of their personal items literally floating in water. This is a critical hour of need for many, especially for those who do not have flood insurance. It is in these hours of great need that supernatural provision of man power, by volunteers, presents itself when needed most. McGregor shares how thankful he continually is to see people sacrifice their own time in order to bless others.


Sandra Mire was one of the residents in the area who has received support and help from Operation Blessing. This is not the first time she has experienced flooding, as she lost a previous home in Hurricane Katrina. After moving, the flood has hit Sandra’s family again. She shares how this flooding has affected her, “We’ve lost all our appliances, all personal items…” In this moment of loss, helping hands through Operation Blessing have been there in the recovery. She shares, “They’re tearing out sheet rock for us, removing the wet furniture, and all the personal items…they have done all of that for us.”


It is not only an amazing sight to see an organization such as Operation Blessing in action, but it’s this organization that is comprised of so many volunteers who sacrifice their own time in order to help those in their own communities. Tracey Lehmann is another one of those in the community that experienced flooding in her home


Lehmann is single mother of four boys, a business owner, and had just transitioned to the area 6 months ago when she bought the house she lives in. “I woke up Friday morning and flood water was in my house, it come up to the back of the house.” In her own words, she talks about the presence of Operation Blessing during these stressful times. “These teams come in and took their time, their energy, their blessings to bless us; and I’m so grateful that they had the time to do this and to put their energy in this.”


In the steady grind of our daily routines and schedules, we can often miss the people that are right next to us each and every day. It is in these moments of tragedy that gives us perspective of what matters most. Lehmann’s last point captures this truth beautifully, “It’s just amazing how God works through people”.


When Kaycee Brescher realized that she needed help for her home from the flood waters, she was beyond grateful to learn that Operation Blessing was in the area. After getting the needed paperwork, she excitedly passed on the good news to her husband only to find out that Operation Blessing was already responding to their home. Needless to say, she was overwhelmed. “I just could not believe people would want to help…and to just see people come out and so selflessly work hard and sweat; and I don’t even know these people.”She continues, “It is so touching that we are not alone in this and we don’t have to do all of it…”  Operation Blessing continues to render aid, support, and prayer for many of those affected by this flooding. See the full interview with Deputy Director Raymond McGregor, the full interviews from those affected by flooding, how you can support, be a volunteer, and so much more. Also shared in this segment; disasters, tragedy, loss, crisis, flood insurance, volunteers, prayer, help, and hope. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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