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WATCH! BRUSSELLS ATTACKED! What does this mean for Europe and America? Are we heading to the Summer of Rage!; and Celebrating Easter!




Economic Downturn, Riots in the Streets, and More Terror Attacks: The Perfect Storm is Brewing: Belgium Sitting on a Ticking Time Bomb? Could this Summer be the Summer of RAGE in America? 

We stand in solidarity with Belgium and the people of Brussels. The very freedoms and safety of an entire people are being threatened and stolen. We are seeing the harsh reality that a nation’s government cannot protect their own citizens. With an in depth look at the details that have unfolded in the terrorist events of the Brussels attack at the Brussels Airport and the subway, Glenn Beck talks in detail with critical sources to give a perspective on both Europe and America.


Scott Stewart is the Stat for Vice President of Tactical Analysis, he shares about the strategic locations of these attacks in Brussels. For one, Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union and home of NATO, The North Atlantic Treaty Union. “They went to that Metro stop near the EU headquarters on purpose. They detonated the one device near the American Airlines ticket counter on purpose. That’s the symbology here. That’s the message they are trying to get out.”


In light of the existence of America’s presence within NATO, sources have expressed that America should depart from NATO. Stewart shares, “For a long time, the Americans have been the number one contributor and certainly we are the most capable of NATO, but really, our allies there need us.” He continues to share what the response is from the International community regarding America’s presence in NATO, “You talk to the Poles, you talk to the Czechs, you talk to the other members of NATO, they really realize the importance of having a strong American ally…”


As a response to the growing threat of terrorism in Europe, the valid standing question is, ‘What happens to Europe’? Stewart has this to say in response, “We are going to see problems, and we’ve seen, not just the right, but also the left, the extreme left…” He continues, “We are going to see renewed terrorism from both of these wings, and it is going to lead to problems.”Taking into consideration how this will affect the countries within the EU Stewart emphasizes; “I do think that the European countries are going to have to struggle to keep these extremists under control.”


We can see clearly that the future on the horizon for Europe does not look good in relation to the present threat of terrorism that still remains. But, what does this mean for America? We can see clearly the precarious dangers that exist in Belgium, but what many do not know, according to Beck, “We have let more Muslim refugees into the United States in the last five years than the entire Muslim population of Belgium. This is coming our way.” Beck continues the exchange regarding the terrorist attacks in Brussels when he spoke with Patrick Poole.


Poole shares how the recent arrest of Salah Abdelslam, in connection with the Paris attacks, was from the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek. This area is predominately Muslim and is a “No-Go Zone”. When it was discovered that Abdelslam originated from this area, Poole expresses, “The government has no effective control over the area; meaning these ‘No-Go Zones’ that just several months ago, the media was telling us didn’t exist.”


Beck asks a clear question trying to bring awareness to the significance of the location of this attack being in Brussels, which is the headquarters of the EU. “I bet a lot of people don’t realize the significance of Brussels, the home of the EU…to explain to America, Europe is on the verge of falling, would you agree with that?” Poole responds, “They knew there were other members of the cell that they weren’t able to round up and were hearing the Belgian counter-terrorism authorities are admitting they have no way to be able to handle the scope of this threat.” This is not just an issue within Belgium. “We’re hearing the same things from Germany, from France, from Great Britain…” Beck interrupts, “Sweden, Norway” and Poole replies,” Yeah. And, we’re seeing that the FBI Director came out and said several months ago that they’re tracking 900 potential ISIS suspects in every single state of the Union…”


In America’s backyard, at George Mason University, in Washington DC, Poole shares how three students were just arrested for the discovery of bomb making components after an explosion went off. Ironically enough, their identities have yet to be made known to the public. Poole expresses, “There is this concerted effort in incidents like this to downplay the source of where all of these attacks are coming from…”  When we take into consideration all of these realities, it is a sobering reality when we consider how Poole continues his response, “…We’d be foolish to think that the problem is somehow over there, across the pond, and that we don’t have the same problems here.”   Beck continues to shares of “The Muslim Brotherhood talking, here in America, about a summer of rage, and how they are beginning to work with Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter for a summer of 1968. We could see this here, clearly we could see this here in America; and that changes absolutely everything.” The signs are present and they are clear. Now is the time to respond to the Lord. We are truly facing interesting days, presently and upon the horizon. It is vital to pay attention and to prepare, not only mentally, but also physically, and spiritually. Watch the full interviews to hear the full story of what is taking place in Brussels, the suburb of Molembeek, what is happening in America, and so much more. Also shared in this segment; Radical Islam, terrorism, chest rigs, explosions, National Security, attacks, anti-Semitism, extremism, Islamism, ideology, Russia, Jihad, and war. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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Keeping Christ in Easter: The Redeemer Lives He has RISEN


This is such a wonderful time on Good Friday, as we celebrate Easter and remember what this season is all about, the Resurrection of Jesus from the grave! Jesus came to the Earth with a mission; He was born to die for each of us so that we could have eternal life with Him.


This may be a message that some have heard before and for some, it may not be. Whether or not, heads were definitely turned at the recent production of the Crucifixion story called, The Passion, as it was carried out with a live production on the streets of New Orleans. TylerPerry, known for his many theatrical productions, is doing it again, this time for the life of Jesus.


The story remains the same, but there is an added flair as this story is delivered through a musical. In a behind-the-scenes look at the production, CBN

reveals the magnitude of the massive undertaking this production has. “A stage, big screens, and people carrying a 20 foot illuminated cross from the Superdome to the banks of the Mississippi.” With many talented artists filling the lineup of cast members, such as Yolanda Adams, Trisha Yearwood, Michael W. Smith, Chris Daughtry, and Jencarlos Canela, this production is sure to prove memorable that the whole family can enjoy.

Tyler Perry wasn’t the only one to share the powerful message of this life changing truth. Watch and see two young children as they share this story with their own words. This will not only bless your heart but it will be a message that you will want to share with others.

This time of celebration isn’t about a little bunny, it’s the celebration of the Tomb being empty as evidence to the truth that Jesus isn’t dead, but ALIVE! Hear the full story of Tyler Perry’s production, The Passion, the delightfully encouraging story of the young children, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Gospel, Good News, The Resurrection, Fox News, and humor. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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