Home Faith Explosive Revival in China 1 Million People Coming to Jesus EVERY Month

Explosive Revival in China 1 Million People Coming to Jesus EVERY Month


LISTEN NOW! Right now, China is having the world’s greatest revival. Reportedly, over 30,000 are giving their life to Jesus Christ, EVERY SINGLE DAY! These are conservative estimates. Eugene Bach shares this powerful truth of what is happening! “That would mean that they have about 130 and as much as 160 million believers. If we take the most conservative number, that means that China is about to, or already has surpassed the number of registered Communist members in their Church.” These are staggering developments!

In an even more encouraging development, because of this growth in The Church of China, Israel now has a new friend. The relationship between Israel and China is growing; and that is good news! Presently, Chinese believers are praying for America to be humbled. They do not want the light within America to go out. To comprehend what is taking place within China is beyond encouraging! Hear the full statement of what is developing in China, a prophetic encounter of what is going to take place within China, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: missionaries, leadership, Israel, Jerusalem, revival, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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