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Voice of Healing Moment Testimonies- Healing, Signs, Wonders Miracles


LISTEN NOW! During the 1940’s a powerful outpouring of God’s Spirit released many powerful healings. A publication known as “Voice of Healing” documented many healings within the ministries of evangelists such as Jack Coe, A.A. Allen, and William Branham. The Voice of Healing Magazine helped spread the testimonies of these healings all throughout the world. It was J. Gordon Lindsey, who started the magazine. 

Lindsey’s son, Dennis Lindsey, was recently invited to the Jim Bakker Show where he shared some of his memories and experiences. During the time of his father’s tent revivals, a young boy, Ronnie Coyne, had been present who had lost his eye sight. According to Dennis, Coyne’s eye was replaced with a plastic eye. One particular day, the young boy went up front for prayer, not for his eye, but for his throat. As he was about to walk away, the boy was asked, “Son, do you believe the Lord can heal your eye?” “Well, yeah”the boy responded. Suddenly, he began to see, THROUGH THE PLASTIC EYE! Thirty years later, Dennis saw Coyne, now an adult, sharing the testimony of what God had done in his life.


Ginger Lindsey shares a testimony that took place in her own life regarding a rash that she experienced on her face. When doctors gave her a cream, it disappeared during the time that she used the cream. As she progressed in her pregnancies with her children, the rash grew worse with each pregnancy. She describes what it was like at its worst moments. “It expanded and took over my whole face… I looked like I had poison ivy, I had measles. I had fluid under my skin and my eyes were in little slits; it was red; it was bumpy; it was a mess”. Realizing that the cream wasn’t the answer. Ginger knew it was time to fast and pray to God.


She was sure in her heart that her healing was hers. “Lord, I know healing is mine. Your Word says so and I’m going to stand on that Word.” After continual prayer, she encountered a woman that prayed for her. “That eczema on your face; that is just a hormone imbalance…be healed of that hormone imbalance”. She continued to claim her healing. After three months, she finally saw a change.


This is such a powerful truth to understand. Ginger didn’t rely on what she saw; she went by the truth of God’s Word! God wants you to be healed, in Jesus’ name. Hear the full testimonies of what took place and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Gordon Lindsey, Glory of God, signs and wonders, and healings. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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