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Living by Grace


LISTEN NOW! When we walk with Christ, often times we can begin to lean on what we have learned, instead of Jesus Christ Himself. This may work for a short while, but eventually we will realize that everything comes only by the Grace of God. In a candid conversation with others, Brian Johnson shares the importance of understanding grace in our lives.  

After a trip to a Tractor Supply Store, Johnson was now the proud owner of 14 baby chicks. Surprisingly enough, 9 months later he had 12 roosters. Even in the infancy stage of their lives, roosters are excessively confident of who they are. Maybe too confident. “They walk around like, I’m awesome. But, even to a cat, that could eat it…They are so confident in who they are.”


This is the same paradigm that resembles the life of Peter. Peter boasted in the fact that he wouldn’t deny Jesus. “Confident in his ability, instead of acknowledging his weakness, he chose to cling to the illusion of strength; and then a day later, denied Jesus.” How many times have we found ourselves in similar situations? It is here that we realize it not by strength. It is only by grace. As Johnson continues, “Men impress other men with our gifts and our successes and our great exploits…he wants to impress God; we must step into the realm of limitless faith in God alone.”


Be encouraged as you are reminded of the importance of God’s grace in our lives, how to live in that revelation of grace, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: chickens, roosters, pride, humility, grace, pain, difficulty, sickness, testing, hardships, and crisis. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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