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‘Planned Parenthood Never Before have they been so Defensive of these Issues’ says David Daleiden Founder of Center for Medical Progress


David Daleiden got the attention of the nation as the creator of Centerfor Medical Progress who released multiple undercover videos about harvesting and selling of baby body parts that was reportedly happening behind the doors of Planned Parenthood centers. In an interview with CBN, he shares about many of the events that have taken place.


“Planned Parenthood has never been more on the defensive in their 100 years of history then they are today, and that’s because of the undercover videos…” The undercover videos released by Daleiden and his team have given an inside look that may of never been known to the American public. “The wrong doing goes very deep and they need to be held accountable to it because they are not above the law.” Seeing the aftermath of the released videos, Daleiden’s outlook is positive as to the way things are going even regarding the response of those who would be in support of Planned Parenthood. “Even some of the people who would be in Planned Parenthood’s corner are realizing that all of these different legal actions are based on this really discredited legal theory that somehow undercover work counts as a form of fraud.”


Never before has Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, so openly commented about the realities of abortion. When speaking at a recent private invitation-only event in Philadelphia, she made these remarks. “To be on the stage where we can now talk openly about the fact that abortion is a right that we have to have; and it’s not good to have a right if you can’t exercise it.” She continued to express, “We have to repeal the Hyde Amendment so that everyone has equal rights.” So what exactly is the Hyde Amendment? According to Wikipedia, it is “a legislative provision barring the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortion unless the pregnancy arises from incest, rape, or to save the life of the mother.”


We are now seeing a Planned Parenthood voice becoming louder about the very beliefs to end a child’s life. Richards’ goal is to end lives in the womb using government money. It is so much easier to respond to those who are honest. People may not say that they are openly for abortion, but then refuse life to a child that would hinder their ability to excel in their profession that allows them to get a bigger house or a newer car.


We thank God for the work of David Daleiden and his team that has brought the truth to the public. We, as the Church must respond by humbling ourselves and turning our hearts to God. We must stand up in courage to stop this. Hear the full comments from Daleiden, the full details from this important truth, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Francis Chan, courage, Center for Medical Progress, and pro-life. Greg shared in this segment.



The Values of the DNC and RNC Could Not be Further Apart – Political PARTies


 As America nears closer and closer to yet another election, the two different platforms could not be further from each other in respects to values. One party is openly declaring that the BDS Movement is anti-Semitism, while the other is openly declaring for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment regarding the use of taxpayer money in order to fund abortions.. As CBN’s Jennifer Wishon reports, “On nearly every issue, there is a distinction between the Democrat and Republican parties.” We are seeing God taking America to the top of Mount Carmel just as He did in 1 Kings 18. If God is God, then serve Him. If Baal is god, then serve him.


We are a government by the people and for the people. Where do you stand? As the Church, we are to make our yes be yes and our no be no. It’s as simple as that. Regardless of what the values of the world may be, we are not called to follow the ways of the world. We are God’s ecclesia, the called out ones. We are to walk separate, called out from the ways of the world. It is important that we pray, that we seek the heart of God for so many of these important matters, and vote Biblical values. Get the full story to understand the implications and importance of this coming election, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: values, parties, voting, beliefs, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.


Francis Chan ‘What I’m Doing Right Now will Be Labeled a Hate Crime’

Imagine speaking to a crowd of people, talking about the Bible and sharing what Jesus says to them. Then, those listening respond to your words by saying, “Amen”. Because of these two actions, everyone in the crowd, and yourself, are now arrested for committing a crime. What crime did you commit? Hate speech. Six years ago, Francis Chan spoke of the days that are ahead of us. His words are powerfully prophetic and you will be amazed as to how he arrived at such a revelation. “Now, I’m not trying to be prophetic right now. I’m just using my logic…I think there is going to come a time, and It’s probably going to be sooner than later, when what I do in a public forum is going to be labeled as a hate crime.”


Chan highlights two significant pieces of history that underwent the same type of oppression and persecution. He looks at both Russia and China, and what happened when persecution arose. When the government stepped in, removing the leadership of the Church, these two had vastly different outcomes. In Russia, “The people didn’t know where to turn. They didn’t know how to grow. They didn’t know how to disciple, and so the Church basically died.” For China, The government oppression was the same, the removal of Church leadership was the same, but in the case of the outcome, it was an entirely different story. “In fact, under Mao Zedong, the persecuted Church grew from 2 million to an estimated, about 80 million in these underground gatherings. Why? Because the people, they understood how to minister to other people. They knew how to teach other people.” In the case of the Church in Russia, the focus was upon the buildings and the priests. In the case of the Church in China, the everyday Christian was empowered to know the simple things of the Gospel; what it means to know Christ, how to lead others to Christ, etc. We are to honor government, yes, but we are not to bow down to it. We are only to bow before Jesus Christ.

It is vital that we do not simply know of the Lord, but that we actually know Him and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Simple belief is not enough. As James 2:19 says, “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.” Presently, there are self-proclaimed Christians that don’t even shutter at the recognition of God. Persecution is already happening, and it is coming to an even greater measure. Just as the disciples who were walking alongside Jesus on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24, our hearts should be burning as the Word of God is revealed to us by Jesus. Jesus called us to become disciples and to make disciples. If we attempt to make disciples before becoming disciples of Jesus Christ we are only making disciples of ourselves. We must reproduce disciples of Jesus Christ. Hear the full conversation of this impactful truth, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: persecution, leadership, relationship, persecution, oppression, government, Rick Joyner, Joni Table Talk, America How We Got Here, religion, relationship, Stephen, Vladimir Puttin, and sheep. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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