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“WE ARE FREE! WE ARE FREE!” What Was it Like Coming Out of the Holocaust?


LISTEN NOW! Can you imagine the horrific realities of what it would have been like to personally witness the atrocities of the Holocaust? As horrible as that would be, it could only be an overwhelming experience of emotions to realize that you are being rescued and the Holocaust is no more. As many Jews experienced this horrendous evil, one man shares his personal story about being rescued.

“I had nightmares for a couple of months. You know, waking up thinking I’m still in the camps.” Now in the joys of his freedom, he shares how he befriended two Polish kids. “We didn’t get too much sleep and we used to just get out real early in the morning because, in the barracks it was just crying, and screaming, and praying;” Bedtime wasn’t a normal experience as it is for so many. “…it wasn’t unusual that a prisoner that was lying next to you, to go to sleep; when you woke up they were dead.”

But, one foggy morning will forever be remembered into his memory. After walking outside in the morning, the recognition of empty guard towers grabbed their attention. This was followed by the lack of a guard between the gates. The young gathering then made their way to look beyond the gate and into the distant fog. A soldier is seen with two horses when one of the kids recognizes, “Look at his hat”. A Russian soldier then approached them at the gate. “I’m advanced guard. Nobody can leave the camp because they’re all sorts of diseases. You’re full of lice and you haven’t been washing for months.” That wasn’t all he had to say. “Doctors will be coming, medication will be coming, food will be coming very shortly.”

You can only imagine the tidal wave of emotions that came over these young children. “So the three of us, as fast as our skinny legs can carry us, we go to every barracks in the vicinity. Open up the door and in every language that we know just yell, WE ARE FREE! WE ARE FREE!”

The powerful reality of history is that it repeats itself. Why not make the right decisions now, this side of captivity? If we, as the Church will humble ourselves, God will forgive our sins. We need to heed these warnings while there is still time. Hear this emotional testimony for yourself, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Holocaust, prison, captives, SS soldiers, and freedom. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.
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