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Realities of the Middle East that must be Understood



There has been a continual shaking and unrest happening throughout all of the Middle East. How do we “cut through” all the headlines and events of what is taking place and gather the most important key truths? This is exactly what CBN’s Chris Mitchell set out to do when he sat down with top experts. 
Arkansas’s Senator, Tom Cotton, highlights the “unprecedented turmoil” increasing in the region as well as what is continuing to destabilize the area. “…you have Iranian-backed proxies — whether they are militias, or state actors or terrorist’s groups — that are largely in control of large swaths of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, (and) Yemen and that are going to continue to aggressively destabilize the region because Iran is going to get tens of billions of dollars to support them…” The billions of dollars that Iran is set to receive is another vital understanding to recognize and what it’s impact will be in the area. Iranian rockets are missing American aircraft carriers within 1,500 yards now; what is going to happen after the additional funds? Continue Reading

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