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WATCH! Prophetic Warnings Released from Pastor John Kilpatrick and Chuck Pierce



“Season on Great Peril, Eruption of Corruption, and the following 25 days after the Election are CRITICAL” says Pastor John Kilpatrick
Now that the election has taken place, it is a timely reminder for us to be aware of where our focus is at. Our focus must be upon the Kingdom of God and not upon the strategies and events of the world. Crazy things have been taking place in this nation and it is going to increase as well.
This was precisely what was revealed to Pastor John Kilpatrick in a recent time of prayer. As the Lord directed him to a time of seclusion, Pastor Kilpatrick was told these words, “This is a season of great peril”. Continuing to share what the Lord revealed to him the next day, he was told, “There is going to be an eruption of corruption. The nation will see it.”  As the days leading up to the final opportunity to vote have now come, he was also told, “25 days after Tuesday, the election day, is going to be critical.”
At this point, some may be tired of the repeated warnings that are being sounded. Presently, the Church appears to be in a slumbering sleep. At some point, God sounds the siren for those who are asleep, to be awakened. Those that refuse to be awaken from their distractions may choose not to hear. But, that doesn’t change the responsibilities for those who have been told, have been warned, and even shown of the coming days. If God has revealed something to us, then it is on our shoulders to tell others what has been told to us. If not, we will be held accountable for those who suffer. Their blood will be on our hands.
God has always been in control and He still is in control. As Greg Lancaster was shown, the leaves that have been covering things are simply being blown off revealing what is underneath. The plans of men are simply being shown for what they are and many are shocked. Everything imaginable has been divided, or “polarized” as Marshall Ganz describes it. God is not surprised. Everything is happening according to the desires of God.
The question is, what will we do with the many freedoms that we are presently afforded in America? Never before has there been a nation given the freedoms that America has been given. Future generations will ask us what we did with what we were given. We must be faithful with what has been bestowed upon us. It’s not about being good or perfect, just being faithful. Jesus didn’t come to make bad men good, He came to make dead men alive. It’s time for us to shake off the distractions of the world and grow up in our maturity in Christ. If we are not grounded in the elementary teachings of Christ, we will not survive during this time. Get the full story from what was revealed to Pastor John Kilpatrick, how to prepare for the days ahead, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prophecy, crisis, elections, prayer, hardship, discipleship, freedom, and repentance. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

“This Election is NOT about a Person. It’s about Breaking Out of a Structure” says Chuck Pierce
The elections that are taking place at this very moment are not as they are perceived to be on the surface. In a prophetic word revealed from Chuck Pierce for this season, he shared, “This election is not about a person. It’s about breaking out of a structure”. Not only did Chuck Pierce highlight the urgency of the matters that are being voted upon, he continues to warn of the dangers of staying where we presently are. “If we stay in the structure we’re in one more season, it will be so routinized and so ordered around us, that we cannot as a nation come out of it…”
Pierce didn’t speak only about the urgency of this election; he also spoke about what is soon to come upon the Church.
“If you knew how close you were to the revolution of change that is coming, you would not be able to keep your mouth shut one moment. The Lord said, ‘Do not hold your peace from this day forward. For the next five months, you will hear “PEACE! PEACE!” but there is no peace. The Lord says ‘The sword of Heaven is coming to liberate the ground and My people must have the sound that liberates the ground.

If someone is not familiar with these type of overt prophetic words, it may cause fear or worry. But, when taking into consideration a military or a law enforcement background, it’s important to remember that you must be awake and alert! Chuck Pierce also wrote the book, The Apostolic Church Arising, which highlights the actual changing of where the Church is headed. There is a new thing that God is doing, a new wine skin. In this reality, it is important that we do not sow both the new and old together but be conscious of what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. In these times of increasing crisis, many will be paralyzed with fear and indecisiveness, but the Church must know who they are in Christ and what the Lord has called them to. Hear the fullness of this important word, the full details from Chuck Pierce, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: Corinth, Texas, anointing, breakthrough, uprising, persecution, revolution, the Wind of Heaven, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 


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