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Have We Become Childless by Choice, Believing the Narrative that Children are a Hindrance?


LISTEN NOW! There is a growing misconception in our culture that children are a hindrance, or that someone who decides to have children should be felt sorry for. It is as if we have allowed ourselves to become childless by choice. Now, more and more people are deciding not to have children at all and spending their lives on themselves.

When CBS News sat down with Jonathan Last, author of What to Expect when No One’s Expecting, he shared a surprising reality about parenthood. “It has become phenomenally expensive to have a child right now in America. When you add up all the costs, it’s about 1.1 million dollars to have a child for a normal middle-class America. That’s a lot of money to spend, you know, on something that in 15 years is going to tell you that it hates you.” As CBS report continues to reveal, the percentage of those with children has been drastically cut in half since the statistics of the 1970’s. When Laura Ciaccio, member of the social club No Kidding! The International Social Club for Childfree Couples and Singles” was asked about her perspective of children, she shared, “I’ve been an SAT Teacher and loved my students, I just don’t feel the same about toddlers and babies the way everyone else seems to….I don’t hate them I’m indifferent toward them.”
When we look in the Word of God, we see clearly that the whole reason for a man and a woman to come together is to bear Godly offspring. We cannot sit idly by any longer and neglect to see God’s perspective of life. See the whole conversation about the value of life and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: birth rates, retirement, Florida, abortions, and life. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 

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