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LISTEN NOW! We need to vote. Simply put, we will answer before God if we do not vote. It is easier to vote for the country than to fight for it. These are decisions that all of us must make. Some may base each of their decisions on the moral convictions that guide them in their everyday lives, while at the same time others may not carry these same convictions in their decisions making. But, shouldn’t it be important to know these things when referencing the ones who we are electing to lead us? These are the very issues that Stephen Mansfield writes about in his new book, Ask the Question: Why We Must Demand Religious Clarity from Our Presidential Candidates.
CBNNews sat down with Mansfield to get a closer look on what exactly he is referring to. “’God bless America, I’m faith-based, my politics grow out of my faith.’ Well, what is that faith? We never ask that question. Then they get in office and there can be a decided influence of their faith, there can even be a reversal of faith and so on…” Asking questions such as these is not a religious test, but key information that helps us to understand who this candidate is and what it is that guides them in their decision-making processes.
If we want to know the moral convictions that guide the candidates in a race, we also need to see the importance of our individual vote and how it effects the moral issues of the day. This was the very topic of discussion when Kenneth Copeland, Pastor George Pearsons, Bishop Keith Butler, and David Barton sat down to discuss the importance of the upcoming Presidential Election.
Based on the standards of culture there is a constant changing of what is perceived to be right and wrong. But, when we look at the Bible, it is very clear about what is and what is not. As David Barton points out, “And now, we’ve got 82 known identities in America. We’ve left the self-evident truths and we’re talking ourself into all sorts of stupidity over here. Nature itself says there’s two genders. The Bible, 4 times says, ‘And God made then male and female’”. He continues to share, “and if you get into the platforms and see what they say about other genders, the Bible is real clear. There is only two genders. And now, there is over 80 recognized genders…” As a continuing response, Kenneth Copeland points out, “God has never created anybody to be something He has already forbidden.”
Regardless of the topic being discussed, it matters when we decide to follow the ways and desires of the Lord. As the panel changes the focus to abortion, Barton points out, “If you do it God’s way, you will get God’s blessing. Period. That’s just the way it works.” He continues to point out that over 60 years of infant stem cell research has produced zero cures for the diseases that have been promised to promote and fund infant stem cell research. These are staggering realities compared to the “adult stem cell research”, drawn from the placenta and umbilical cord AFTER the baby is born and alive, providing over 100 cures. He finalizes his point by stating, “That’s why knowing God’s Word, reading platforms, creating policies from local, county, state, and federal level that reflect God’s Word, you get God’s blessings back…”
The issues at hand come back to the importance of voting. As Bishop Butler points out, “that seed will produce leadership that produces what these platforms are, and the end result; either more and more sin, or you go to righteousness.” The vote that we choose to cast or not cast will not only effect the decisions that are made in the next four years, but even further. Bishop Butler continues, “You must cast your seed. You must get before God and let Him tell you who you are supposed to support. You must do your homework and find out what it is you are supporting because what is going to happen in the next several years is going to be dependent on this election.”
We cannot expect candidates to be perfect. The only life that was walked out demonstrating perfection was Jesus Christ. Outside of Jesus, all of us are fallen and failed. The only difference between those who are Christians is forgiveness. Trying to live life outside of Jesus Christ will only elevate our sin nature. Turning our back on God will never produce the scenario that is best. The best scenario is God’s scenario. This is the understanding we must hold near to our hearts when we are deciding the leaders for our nation. Be encouraged to cast your vote as your learn the importance and urgency of these many pressing issues, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: stem cell research, fetal tissue, abortion, gender, lifestyle, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, leukemia, blessings, curses, homosexuality, values, morality, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 
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