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What is the Devil’s Endgame by Lance Wallnau
We may perceive the wars that are taking place in the Middle East, but do we see the larger war that is taking place upon the entire face the Earth, for the souls of mankind? There has been a steady erosion of religious freedom in America. As Jim Bakker points out this reality on the Jim Bakker Show, Lance Wallnauhighlights that the devil ultimately has an endgame.
‘What the devil wants to do, he wants to control two things: the power to define the meaning of words, and the ability, legally, for you to disagree.’
We cannot get caught up in the arguments while losing sight in what is taking place. As Wallnau points out, “What Christians need to understand is that the ultimate spoils of the culture war are this: the power to define the meaning of words.” What takes place when we bring up words such as gender, church, marriage, and freedom. Wallnau continues, “What you’re dealing with is, when the devil gets control of the gates of influence, he can redefine the meaning of things. The ultimate power of Babel is it confuses the meaning of words. So, Babylon is a system, its creating a global language, which is violating conscience and suppressing the freedom of Christians to speak the truth.” Realities such as the rainbow was the promise from God to Noah that He would not send a flood again. Now family is interpreted completely different from God’s original design.
We must know how these wars are being waged, so that we can effectively respond and to keep a Biblical world view. See the full comments from Lance Wallnau to see how other issues have changed from God’s original intent, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: justice, marriage, gender, economic fairness, the 7 mountains of culture, persecution, gender, and self-control. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

Every Vote Counts means YOUR VOTE MATTERS
There is a lie that is being promulgated in America that your vote doesn’t count. Simply put, this is just not true. By looking back in the history of America, we can see how major events could have gone an entirely different direction if one more vote was cast in another direction. Moving the clock forward to today, these principles still apply! Kenneth Copeland, Pastor George Pearsons, Bishop Keith Butler and David Barton continue the compelling conversation by discussing the Biblical importance of voting.
Pastor Pearsons points out how important one vote is as he highlights “In 1923, Adolf Hitler won the leadership of the Nazi party by one vote. In 1960, JFK by one vote per precinct and Nixon lost by one vote per precinct. And so, one vote is extremely important.” Continuing in the same manner, David Barton points out how only one vote kept Thomas Jefferson from ending slavery.
When voting is talked about, often the importance of Presidential elections is thought as to be the most important. But, this is not always the case. It is the local elections that have the most impact on the decisions that are made in our communities. David Barton describes the primary focus of the Presidential election like the “magician” while very few focus on the local level. He shares, “What happens is, when you’re looking at the Presidential Election, it’s all these local races that are really so much more impactful for where you live.” When the topic of sheriffs is brought up, Bishop Butler highlights, “local officials determine where you live, how you live, what you can do, when you can own a firearm, not own a firearm, state representatives. The entire local level is extremely, extraordinarily important, and in many ways, have as much, and in some cases, more impact on your life than the Federal officials do.” If we do not partake in the process of choosing who our elected officials are going to be, then we cannot have an opinion if leaders are put into place that are contrary to our values or desires. Our voice can be expressed the loudest in the voting booth.


In our present culture, so many are looking at things virtually; whether it be video games, social media, or shows being watched on television. Regardless of what emotions we may have when we are watching something take place, it is not real. When the time arrives to vote, it doesn’t matter how we feel about voting, each and every vote matters. You are important; and your vote is important. If we want to see change happen in America, then we need to repent for the sin in each of our lives and change ourselves. See the full impact of this important conversation as it changes your perspective of voting, the importance and value of your vote, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: elections, values, Second Amendment, preaching, Biblical World View, seeds, harvest, righteousness, faith, and abiding. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 


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