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LISTEN NOW! If you were asked what the foundation of Christianity was, what would you say? Would you know or would you guess? When Steve Deace sat down and spoke with Glenn Beck, he talked about what the responses were when he asked Christians the very same question.
“Almost every time, they are going to tell me ‘the Bible’”. He retorts, “No it’s not. Christ is the foundation of the Christian faith.” As he recounts the simple truth of Christ being raised from the dead and God’s hand intervening into timeline of mankind, he elaborates further, “Did that fact happen? If it did then the Bible is the clarification… how we are to then live in light of that fact.”  He makes the distinction between what the foundation and the responses he received by stating, “The foundation is Christ. The clarification is the Bible.”
With this very understanding, Deace then switches gears and turns the attention to the often-misunderstood perception between the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. “That is the relationship, I believe, between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.” He highlights the purpose of the U.S. Constitution, “Then the inevitable questions that come along, when we have conflicts, how do we resolve those things? The Constitution clarifies those conflicts. But, the Declaration is the foundation.”
There are so many voices and conversations going back and forth about the details and issues addressed within the U.S. Constitution. But, we must get back to the understanding and the importance of the Declaration. Yes, we need to understand the Amendments within the Constitution, but more importantly is the Constitution. See the full dialogue from Steve Deace, the response of Glenn Beck, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: The Ten Commandments, Original Intent, natural law, and progressives. Greg shared in this segment.
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