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“Our Nation Needs Something Besides Religion” Two of God’s Generals: Peter Wagner & Steve Hill share Precious Wisdom


LISTEN NOW! There is no greater wisdom than to listen to the very words of those who lived out the many seasons that are experienced in this life. There is no greater example of this than the lives of Peter Wagner and Steve Hill, two Generals of the faith. As men who have not only witnessed so much, they have also been used mightily by God to advance His Kingdom. They sat down together and shared precious wisdom about what they see not only in America, but what is still yet to come.
Steve Hill cuts right to the topics that matter the most when he points out the state of the Church in America. He doesn’t just point out that something is wrong, but tells it like it is. “Our nation, right now, is in terrible shape. Our nation needs something besides religion”. He further explains, “Religion is hanging around the Cross, Christianity is getting on the Cross.” As some may be taken back by these direct statements, Steve Hill reminds us not to get offended.
As Hill asks Wagner what his thoughts are regarding the Church in America, he asks him directly, “What should the message, right now, be from pastors, from prophets, from evangelists, from anyone who’s in the ministry, or anyone who calls themselves a Christian?” Wagner responds by pointing to the words of Jesus by saying, “I think one of the keys to revival is Jesus’ Great Commission”. Wagner continues to point out that our evangelism of the Gospel should reach others in order to see churches multiplying, to a point that “in a way that they multiply so fast that they change society…to make disciples of whole nations”. Hill responds to his words as some may think, “you’re talking radical stuff”.
Wagner further explains his observations by sharing, “Based on Jesus Christ, and the blood that He shed, and the salvation that He brought, that is what pastors need.” It doesn’t stop there. Wagner continues,“Not just taking care of the sheep, but preaching the Gospel that will move through their sheep to those who are not saved, and touch them with the Gospel, and bring them in, and continue the process.” Wagner points out what the ultimate ending will be if these actions are carried out. “If we do that, we can see whole cities transformed.”
As simple as these words are, they are the words from Jesus. Hill points out to those who may be responding to these words, “don’t be offended by anything”. Hill continues to point out why he responds this way, “because we’re not making any progress”. Looking at the present state of the Church in America, Wagner highlights, “we have dropped the ball terribly here in this country.” When looking at the last century, the Church was growing, but the story is not the same for the present century.
Instead of the fastest growing Church being in America, now it is in India and China. When speaking to Church leaders in India, Wagner was told, “India is 25% Christian”. As a response, Hill says, “this should not offend anyone…this should challenge you”.

Peter Wagner and Steve Hill continue to share precious wisdom advancing the Kingdom of God, what our motive should be when someone enters the ministry, as well as what everyone’s motive should be who is presently in the ministry, and the realities of persecution. See the entire discussion between these two great men in the faith as you are stirred and encouraged to see the Great Commission becoming a true reality in your life, the coming move of God, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: salary packages, church planting, revival, blessings, and pouring into the next generation. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 

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