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The Shaking that is Coming; How it Effects the Church and the World


Looking around at the present state of America and one can see that everything is being shaken. Man has his ideas but God has His purposes. When we look at the shakings that are happening, we must see them with the right perspective. When Lance Wallnau recently spoke on the Jim Bakker Show, he highlighted this important truth.


Times of crisis in this life are bound to happen. The question is, what will we do in the moments of crisis? As Wallnau details the story of some of those caught in an elevator during the 9/11 attacks in New York City, some may be surprised as to the one that led the group to safety. While bankers were talking to their assistants trying to get the elevator operational, a window washer was breaking his mop and prying the elevator doors open. Through a sequence of events, all of those in the elevator escaped the building as it began to crumble down violently. Wallnau highlights the lesson of the story, “In the midst of a crisis, the person that knows what to do automatically is the leader.” This is the Church’s finest hour. God has been warning us and preparing us for the days that we are in and are seeing. Continue Reading…
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