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PROPHECY! Hold on Special Season of Breakthrough, Time for Reset, Restoration, and Salvation, Rich Vera
So many people have lifted up so many different prayers for a vast array of individuals, situations, and needs. As Rich Vera has recently spoken with Sid Roth, he encourages us all by declaring, “those prayers have not been in vein.” As others have talked about this being the year of breakthrough, Rich Vera highlights how it’s much more than that. “Breakthrough is also the release for spiritual activity upon a people that are ready for breakthrough.”It’s important to know what breakthrough is not, but more importantly, what it is. Vera continues, “Now breakthrough don’t happen just because you claim breakthrough. It happens when you have prepared your life, you have taken the right steps to walk in breakthrough.” Vera lists some of the areas that each of us can be focusing on so that we can prepare our lives to walk in this breakthrough that God is releasing. “…being faithful to God, church attendance, living a life surrendered to Jesus. Are you faithful in your giving, in your tithing, if you want financial breakthrough?”
For those that have gotten tired of their situations, amidst continual prayers, thus stopping to pray, Vera has an additional word of encouragement for you. “God is going to give them a change to push the reset button and start all over again. This is the season to reset our lives.”
It is time to forget the past and walk in agreement with the season that God has released. Be encouraged as you hear the full prophetic word from Rich Vera, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: good seeds, harvest, and faithfulness. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! The Election of President Donald Trump, Rich Vera
Everything that could have been divided, has been divided over the last eight years. Everything from words, to race, economic standings, and preferences, has been divided. Regardless of what the world may do, it is important that the Body of Christ not come into agreement with this, but to simply walk in agreement with what God has done, and is doing. We must declare what God has revealed, regardless of how the world may respond. A perfect example of this is how Rich Vera declared what would happen in the recent Presidential elections.
Being Hispanic, Vera points out how he wasn’t received well when he prophesied that Donald Trump would be the next President. But, when asked how he could be for Trump, this was his response. “Because, if God is for it, I’m for it.” He continues to point out how truth is so vital in this hour of ‘political correctness’. “We have become so politically correct in churches, that you cannot preach the truth…but the truth sets people free.” As he directs his words specifically to the pastors in America, Vera emphasizes, “It’s time that you go back to preach the message the Holy Spirit has given you, and if the message causes you to lose church members, to lose money, so be it. Jesus lost 5,000 members in one sermon…”
There is nothing that unites us more than the power and presence of God in our midst. God is not holding anyone back. We are holding God back by relying on what we think needs to happen instead of submitting to the Spirit of God. Be encouraged as you hear this entire prophetic word, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: haters, obedience, Holy Spirit, miracles, signs, and wonders. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! President Trump Given an Anointing to shift Government and Prayers that will bring Change, Rich Vera
It is important that we pay attention to the many miraculous events that are taking place now. We are presently seeing mountains move. God can turn things on a dime, just as He has. God literally showed Greg Lancaster how President Trump had bought him a large journal and handed it to Greg telling him to journal all that would be happening. It’s not about President Trump, it’s about God! It has been said that President Trump would have a quiet voice for the Lord when he began the Presidency but bold by the end of his time in office. The Lord showed Rich Vera in the spirit what was coming upon President Trump.
The Lord showed Vera President Trump walking through the Oval Office “wearing a red shirt with a priest garment, like a catholic priest garment”. The vision shifted and Vera saw President Trump on a plane that suddenly began experiencing turbulence. When Vera went to make sure the President was safe, President Trump was praying. As Vera points out, “The glow of the Holy Spirit was upon him”. Then the Lord spoke to Vera, “I’m going to give him, not only the authority to change government, but I will give him an anointing that he will pray and things will change and God told me that the Spirit of prayer was going to come over President Trump.”
Vera began to address President Trump specifically by prophesying, “I declare over you, Mr. President, that God is going to use you to change the landscape of politics…God is going to use you to raise up a new breed of politicians and even leaders in the Church that will stand for the people and not for themselves.”
It is amazing to see the very events that are taking place. It is important that we recognize them and chronicle how God has answered and is answering the prayers that have been lifted up to Him. Be encouraged as you hear the full prophetic word, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: mountains, miracles, journals, Supreme Court Judge, and authority. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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PROPHECY! Word for 2017, Rich Vera
Rich Vera continues to share incredibly encouraging words when Sid Roth recently asked him what the Lord has shown him about 2017. “The Lord told me a year of incredible breakthrough is coming to us…and long awaited victories for us.” Sid Roth asks about those things that have been stolen from us and Vera points out, “Restoration is part of breakthrough.” As Vera continues to share, he points out how he was shown, “God is going to cause things to come back our way…In this season, breakthrough is coming, restoration is coming.” Vera begins to talk about how God is about to move mightily upon families, “…family members are going to be saved…miracles are going to take place in families…curses are going to be broken, generational curses are going to be broken.” Vera speaks boldly to the nations of the world when he declares, “This is the season when the curses, that the enemy put on your families for decades and years, are coming to an end, the curse of sickness, and poverty, the curse of fear. We break it out of your life. In the name of Jesus! And I declare a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit is coming over your life today. In Jesus’ name!”
God showed Greg Lancaster how gold was immediately released when the gavel of justice declared the enemy guilty. The enemy has been holding back finances because he knows what the Church will do with it: finance the Kingdom of God to advance! Let the old mindsets of the old season go as you begin this new season. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Major Move of God’s Spirit, Rich Vera
As we have begun a new year, it is important not to begin this year with the same mindsets as the last year ended. When Rich Vera recently spoke with Sid Roth, he shared how God is responding to the spirit that was recently released over the land during the past Administration. “[God] is going to cancel that spirit and cause to release the spirit of faith to come back to the people in America where they will believe once again, where they will have hope once again, and God is going to bring incredible prosperity over the land.”
As God is revealing the coming prosperity, it’s not for own advancement, but for Kingdom advancement. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Move of God in Rural Areas, Tsunamis and Natural Disasters, Perry Stone
God has been revealing and showing many of the coming powerful moves of God that will sweep across the land. When Perry Stone recently shared with Sid Roth what the Lord has shown him, he spoke about this coming move of God.
Stone talks about how he has witnessed God moving so powerfully in the Appalachian Mountains. While he was in Mullins, West Virginia, the city has been hurting so bad because of how the coal mining jobs have been shut down, effecting the entire city. While preaching in this area, he witnessed the Spirit of God moving mightily upon those who were present. More specifically, Stone shares about what the Lord is about to do; “This event will be so big, that people will start leaving major cities. I see people leaving West Coast cities…they are going to go to more rural areas.” Stone continues to describe, “There’s really coming… a major revival that is a true blue turn-back-to-God revival.”
Stone also pointed out, “The wheat and tare are in the same field. The Church has real believers and we got fake believers, and they’re in the same church…and God will start supernaturally separating wheat from tares.” Some would be shocked thinking that everybody would want God when the Presence of God breaks out, but the truth is, not everyone does. This is the separation taking place. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Separation is Coming!  True Revival Brings Exposure, Rich Vera
As the encouraging prophetic words are released regarding this season, Rich Vera talks about the importance of recognizing the separation. Vera points out that this separation is not just for the sheep, but also on the leadership. As he points out, “The people who have been truly called and anointed of God are going to be sorted out from those who have been self-appointed, or are in it for the money.” Vera begins to point out how God is going to use persecution to expose motives. “…there is coming persecution in America, and it’s happening already, in a sense that is going to force you to either change your stand or to suffer and trust God.”
So many people are attempting to control things in this hour. Leaders in the Church cannot follow those they are called to lead. We must be obedient to where God has called us and allow people to respond how they will respond. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: persecution, money, provision, and obedience. Greg and John shared in this segment.  

PROPHECY! Move of God Coming to the Universities, God is going to Anoint an Army to move in Signs and Wonders, Media Revolutionaries, Cindy Jacobs
It is important that we live not by sight, but by faith. If someone were to discuss the universities in America, multiple topics of conversations may take place, but when we listen to what Cindy Jacobs recently released about what the Lord is doing, we can walk in agreement with her powerful words. “The universities are going to experience a move of God that is going to bring the fear of the Lord!” She continues to highlight that “people who have been crying out for the anointing to fall on them, God is getting ready to anoint an army that is going to be so powerful to move in signs and wonders. It’s going to be in the supermarket. It’s going to be in Walmart. It’s going to be in McDonalds…It’s going to be everywhere!”
Jacobs continues to describe how God is going to move in area of media. “If the [media] continues to persecute the Church, and the singers who will stand up and not be ashamed, and not be in political correctness, those networks, those media outlets are going to fall down.” Jacobs continues to share how God is “raising up an alternative voice that is media revolutionaries…There is going to be YouTube revival.”

Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: social networking, persecution, and anointing. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! You Tube Millionaires, Cindy Jacobs
God is shifting how money will be generated in this season. No longer will things be limited to how they once were. Cindy Jacobsrecently prophesied that there will be “YouTube Millionaires”. With clear simplicity, Jacobs proclaims, “Just believe. Some of you, let the anointing come upon you. Just say ‘I take it’”. Jacobs follows the leadership of the Spirit when she begins to prophesy about corruption being exposed. “The Lord is getting ready to expose corruption that is so systemic, so endemic, so seemingly hidden that they thought they could not be rooted out, but the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God is getting ready to reveal, the covers are going to get ripped off.” She continues to point out how this will clearly be stated in many headlines.
It’s time to put all the religion of men aside and simply follow the anointing of the Lord. God is bringing down the gavel on the evil doer. His gavel of justice will bring immediate provision into the Kingdom. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Move of God among Young People, Jubilee Cycle God to Touch a Fatherless Generation, Perry Stone
God loves every generation. Regardless of how old someone may be, God desires that they would know Him as The Father. A man may have children, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he, himself, has a father in his life. There has to be someone in his life to do that. God recently spoke to Perry Stone about how he would father a generation. Stone describes how 6,000 young people have already signed up for an upcoming conference he is leading without beginning any advertising. During another conference, while Stone was preaching, he shares “700 young people received the baptism in 10 minutes.”  Stone also points out how this generation is so focused on the things of the Lord. “They are not into things. They are not into money…They are so into God that it is absolutely mind blowing. It’s the Joel 2 generation and the Joel 2 army. It’s exactly what’s happening.” Stone continues to reveal the importance of recognizing the Jubilee Cycle and that it is this year. As Stone shares, “Only God could have turned this thing around.”
It is so important that we recognize the miraculous turn-around that has taken place in America. It is simply a bi-polar opposite of what we had before. We must respond to this window of opportunity, to contact our senators, our congressmen, and congresswomen, and encourage them to work in agreement with how our President is moving. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Revival for Russian Jews in Israel, Young Messianic Evangelists, Signs, Wonders, and Miracles, Rich Vera and Cindy Jacobs
God is releasing a new language for us. In the beginning of the last term, an entire DNC platform booed the acknowledgement of God and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But, all of that has changed as this is now a new season. Rich Vera recently spoke with Sid Roth and prophetically shared “God was going to fight for His people such as Bible days.” He continues to share; “There are going to be supernatural things that are going to take place that only God will take the credit in Israel.” He also points to a coming revival in Israel. Sid Roth highlights this reality as he points out, “The Russian Jews are coming in droves, in droves to the land of Israel.”
Cindy Jacobs also shares about what God has shown her about Israel. “God is going to raise up young Messianic evangelists that are so pure. They are going to be Nazarites; They are going to be pure in their love for God, and they are going to fill that nation with miracles.” Jacobs turns to Sid Roth as she prophesies over him, “You are going to be the father of that Sid”. She continues to describe how God is going to use Sid Roth to break off the orphan spirit and heal the hearts of those who come to the land of Israel.
The Orphan spirit must be broken off the Church in this hour. So many are carrying this same spirit as they jump from gathering to gathering. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic word and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! The Evangelists are Coming Back BIG TIME- Power Over the Enemy, Rich Vera Prayer
Rich Vera releases a powerful prophetic prayer over this generation as he shares these powerful words. “I believe the Lord wants to empower you. But, not only to do the works of God, but also to realize that you have power over the enemy.” He continues to point out, “Our job is to inspire you so you can do it with the power of the Spirit that resides on the inside of you.” Vera begins to declare and call down the mantles that God is releasing. Be encouraged as you hear the entire prophetic prayer and so much more. Also shared in this segment: awakening, marriages, and the nations. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! Mantles Falling for Evangelist, Prayer Warriors, Prophecy, Racial Reconciliation, Cindy Jacobs Prayer
Cindy Jacobs releases a powerful prophetic prayer over this generation as she shares these powerful words about the falling of mantles upon us. “Those that want the mantle of evangelist… right now, let it fall upon you. Those prayer warriors, let that mantle fall upon you. Those God is calling to prophesy, receive it NOW! RECEIVE IT RIGHT NOW! Those that have said ‘I’ve got to have more miracles’ C’mon, receive it right now! There is an impartation taking place.” Receive all that God has for you as hear her entire anointed words prayer, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! The Gifts of the Spirit to be Restored to the Church, Perry Stone Prayer


In this season and hour God wants to restore the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. As Perry Stone recently shared with Sid Roth, this is exactly what he prays about. He talks about a woman who prayed in the Spirit for a Jewish woman. The Jewish woman heard Hebrew even though the woman who prayed didn’t know Hebrew. What is additionally encouraging, is the very words that were said in Hebrew were the same words of prayer that the Jewish woman used to pray over her daughter as a child. Because of this powerfully anointed encounter with the Lord, both the Jewish woman, and her daughter came to the Lord. As Stone prays, he points out, “Father, the Body of Christ has to have a restoration of the Gifts of the Spirit. Signs and wonders have to come to the Church. You never took them away from us. Our spirits became cold…” Hear the full anointed prayer as you are lifted up and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment. 


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