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WATCH! Israel is saying “Repeal and Replace” the Iran Deal; James Goll and coming Prophetic Trends


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a suggestion for the Iran Deal: REPEAL and REPLACE 
In America, the words “repeal and replace” are words that many Americans are aware of regarding an array of topics in today’s government. But, in the sense of what is happening in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has his own application for the words, “repeal and replace”; that is the Iran Deal. When speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, he spoke on the topic of the Iran Nuclear Deal that was signed during the Obama Administration.
“Our problem with the deal, my problem is not that they would violate the deal, and they will wherever they can; It’s that, if they don’t violate the deal, they walk into it within 12 years, into unimpeded enrichment of uranium, which is what you need to make bombs.”He continues, “And from there, the distance to making bombs is nothing.” Prime Minister Netanyahu also comments on Iran’s economy and the fact that it is increasing because of the funding that is being supplied to it because of the deal. But, it’s’ not just how Iran is being effected from this deal and the endless possibilities that are up in the air, but also their recent advancements in the region. Prime Minister Netanyahu explains, “They moved into Yemen, in a big way, which is a maritime brute for the world.” Hannity responds, “and threatening the Saudis”. Prime Minister Netanyahu continues his point, “…not threatening, FIRING…well rockets and missiles into Saudi territory, from Yemen.”
Without the strategic understanding of Yemen, one may not grasp what the urgency of concern is. Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to explain. “They moved into Syria. They’re trying to establish a naval base on the Mediterranean.” He continues to address the dangers of the possible reality. “Can you imagine Iranian submarines in the Mediterranean?” Hannity interjects, “That’s scary.” As he continues to list the other military forces who are present in the same location, he asks the question, “Do you want Iranians there?” Hannity flatly responds, “NOPE!”
The Prime Minister continues to share how he expressed the concern of this threat in the region when he spoke with Russia’sVladimir Putin. “I said it’s not in the interest of anyone, including Russia to have Iranian naval base in the Mediterranean…” When Hannity tries to push to another topic, the Prime Minister continues his point, “…I didn’t hear a forceful argument.”
After Hannity talks about other players in the region and how they are being effected by Russia, the Prime Minister moves the focus back to his thoughts on the Iranian Nuclear Deal. “Look, here’s my position, but it’s my position…if I had to compress it to two words, repeal or replace.” When Hannity expresses the familiar understanding in America, the Prime Minister continues. “I think Washington has to decide its own position. But clearly, one thing that has to be changed, is to not let Iran have the best of all worlds. Which is the worst of all worlds for Israel, the Arab countries, the United States, the world.”
As many around the world, especially Israel, just had the Holocaust Remembrance Day, we must remember the evils and intentions of evil. At the onset of this Nuclear Deal being signed under the Obama Administration, Iran found itself on the receiving end of more than $100B which they could freely use to make nuclear weapons. It is imperative that we not only pray for wisdom during these times and seasons, but that we must also pray for the peace and safety of Israel. See the full dialogue between Sean Hannity, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Tehran, Saudi Arabia, Radical Islam, Nuclear War, Jerusalem, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment.

PROPHECY! “A LOVE REVOLUTION!The Glory of God; and Abandoned Worshipers! James Goll shares 3 Amazing Prophetic Trends
It so encouraging and also very important to pay attention to the prophetic words from the Lord about the times and seasons that we are living in. If we listen to the secular words of media right now, we will find ourselves depressed and overcome with anxiety and concern. But, if we listen to the prophetic voices of what the Lord is revealing about this season, and what is on the horizon, we will be filled with hope and anticipation. As Charisma Magazine reports, James Goll has recently shared three prophetic trends about what the Lord is presently showing him right now. Before Goll begins, he shares this important notice, “There are “trends” in the business world and the culture at large, but also in the church world as well. I am not referring to being “trendy” as an irrelevant fad that comes and goes in a flash. But rather, trends can include true authentic changes that occur over a period of time.”
As Goll begins, he reminisces about a song from Burt Bacharach, What the World Needs Now is Love. Love was not an idea from Bacharach, it’s from God. As Goll points out, this is the very central theme of Jesus’ words in John 13:35, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another.” Love is not an option. It is imperative in the Kingdom, as well it must be for the Body of Christ. “With over 42 years of full-time ministry under my belt, let me speak plainly. We need a love revolution in the church.” Goll points to a handful of leaders in the Church who are presently moving in this understanding. With this in mind, he shares a prophetic dream the Lord recently gave him.
I was sitting with various well-known leaders having a conversation about how to accomplish effective ministry and build networks or wineskins that would stand the test of time. I stated with some frustration, “My generation does it positionally and functionally, but the next generation wants it done relationally and organically.”
In the dream, this roundtable of leaders were looking eagerly at me and waiting to hear what would come from my mouth next. Then I stated, “The Lord has a solution. He wants there to be a love revolution.” The group in the dream responded by declaring, “Well, let’s just do it the love way!” The leaders with whom I walk in Nashville, Tennessee, have a statement we often make, “We do it better together!” I am here to tell you a simple and yet profound new trend: Love will be our aim!
The most dangerous and deceptive attack of the enemy is to settle for religious works in place of love and relationship with one another. We must have love in our daily lives. John reminds us that if we say we know God but don’t love, we are a liar. So many people find themselves in the middle of a crowd, yet they are all alone. What’s the point? We must build relationships with those alongside of us in the family of God. In this present age, our mindsets have to shift. It’s not about the building, but one another. People often say they ‘go to church’. But, how can you go to what you are? All you can do is truly be. If we don’t walk in love, people are not going to be compelled to ask about the Jesus that we want them to know. We will be known by our love.
Goll shifts his focus to the next trend that he has been shown and is reminded of Moses’ dialogue with the Lord in Exodus 33. In verse 18, Moses says, “Now show me your glory.” And the Lord responds with these powerful words, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence.” As many of us can probably relate, Goll emphasizes that he never connected the two. “I never attached the two statements as one continuous thought. God’s glory is demonstrated through lavish displays of His goodness.” This can be a foreign thought to many that God reveals His glory by acts of goodness and kindness. Goll continues, “As many different leaders in recent years have stated, “The best-kept secret in the body of Christ is that God is in a good mood!””
People often think of God as being a task master or being consumed with the idea that they are going to be punished by Him. The question we have to ask ourselves, ‘if God is always in a good mood, why am I in a bad mood?’. We tend to think within the confines of time and measure things by what we can see. God is outside of time. When we begin to tap into the things of God, then we will begin to truly understand what it means to be a carrier of God’s glory versus just experiencing a visitation of His glory. “This is the key to being naturally supernatural and supernaturally natural”, as Goll explains. We must not consume ourselves with the demands and expectations of the world, but be consumed with the things of God. If Jesus carried out His life with 12, why are we trying to do it with 4,000? We can only carry out relationship with the “one anothers”. The only place that we can truly begin to grow is within the context of relationships.
Goll then transitions to his third and final trend of what he is seeing; “A generation of abandoned worshipers.” As he points out, “Many of our largest and most significant gatherings in the body of Christ today are extravagant worship events held all around the world. Dare I say that the current move of the Holy Spirit centers around extravagant worship?”The greatest encounters with the Lord is when our hearts are focused solely on the heart of Jesus and not distracted by the cares of this life. We can come in contact with a group of people worshiping God in a language that we don’t even know. But, if the Spirit of the Lord is present, we will be drawn to them, because it is God in them drawing us to Himself. It is the Holy Spirit. Worship doesn’t require all the additional substances that mankind thinks it needs; soundboards, lights, amplifiers, and instruments. All God wants is a heart that is completely after Him. Goll further explains, “Stadiums across the nations of the Earth are being filled with worship and praise extravaganzas. God shows up and shows off when He is authentically the center of attention.”
These are truly exciting days when we understand the times and seasons that we are living in. See the full conversation of James Goll’s three prophetic trends, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Original Intent, The Holy Spirit, relationship, Charisma Magazine, prophetic word, praise, The Glory of God, A Love Revolution, Vine Seminar, The Welsh Revival, Bob Jones, Nashville Tennessee, and wineskins. Greg and John shared in this segment. 


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