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MORE and More Professional Athletes Using their Platform to Unashamedly Profess their Commitment to Follow Jesus: NY Mets Curtis Granderson

LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) As we look across the many different professional arenas of sports, there are multiple Christians that are quite outspoken with their faith. From his time in college, to the NFL, Tim Tebow has been a voice for the Lord. Steph Curry has used the platform of the NBA for the Gospel as well. There are others, such as Ben Watson, who previously played for the New Orleans Saints, as well as Dwight Howard, who plays for the NBA’s Houston Rockets, and many others. When looking at the MLB, New York Mets’ Outfielder Curtis Granderson is also sharing encouraging words for Christ.
In a recent interview with CBN, Granderson is turning heads with his character, as well as his athleticism. When other athletes show frustration or irritation from the game’s events, Granderson still manages to control himself. He shares how people even ask him about his cool, calm demeanor; “People go, how come you don’t slam your helmet, how come you don’t break your bat, how come you’re not, you know, yelling and cussing at everybody?” He shares how he answers them, “That’s not going to change anything. You know, the results are what they are. They’ve happened, then move on and God will bless me with another opportunity to go out there with a chance to do something different.”
When asked about how he works on the things that need strengthening, he shares, “You know, try not to worry too much about what’s happened. Understand the process of everything that’s happened before.” The MLB maintains a season of 162 games, so you have to have a marathon mindset. Granderson continues, “Obviously, you’re going to have ups and downs in the game. You’re going to have injuries. You’re going to not play to the capability that you think you can play to.” But, it’s in Christ where his strength lies. “And the way you respond and how people see that is all from Christ giving me this strength to go out there and understand that things will turn, He has a plan. Just lay it out for Him and the plan will take shape.”
When other athletes are receiving paychecks and sponsors for their talents, Granderson sets himself apart by using his relationships with sponsors to benefit his foundation, “The Grandkids Foundation”. Instead of receiving income from sponsors, he elects to be paid in equipment so that he can give it to those who need it and can use it. As a man who plays in the big league, he doesn’t want people to see his generosity or his talents, he wants people to see Christ. “I want them to see someone that is –has worked hard, didn’t take anything for granted, that was very blessed with the opportunities to do some amazing things and tried to take advantage of all the opportunities that were laid out in front of me. If things went one way to the side, tried my best to get back on track as soon as possible. And be a living example of what Christ can do for you and what Christ has in store for you”.



This is such an awesome testimony of the Goodness of the Lord. Presently, there is a mindset in our culture that in order to share the Gospel, you have to be standing behind a pulpit on Sunday morning. This is simply not true. God wants us to affect all areas of society. There are 7 Spheres of Influence: Government, Education, Business, Family, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and the Church. Now is the time to be bold for the Lord, regardless of where He has placed us. Be reminded in the love of baseball as well as the encouragement of seeing the ability to reach others for Christ no matter where you are, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: blessings, provision, New York Mets Baseball, Detroit Tigers, boldness, evangelism, witness for Christ, and generosity. John and Steve shared in this segment.  

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