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Home » Jonathan Isaac: Why He Stood!

LISTEN NOW! Isn’t it interesting how quickly we are to believe that someone who looks to have everything all together in the world’s eyes, that they must have everything all together on the inside? Jonathan Isaac, professional basketball player with the NBA, was one of those that many of us walked past every day who we would have assumed this to be true. Isaac was the sole NBA player that remained standing during the National Anthem that many are talking about today, when all of his peers decided to bow their knee. In his recent book, “Why I Stand”, Isaac chronicles his personal journey that led up to that unforgettable moment, and the pivotal moment in his life that prepared him to be able to stand against insurmountable odds. His story is one that we can all relate to and make the same choice that will prepare us for that same moment of deciding whether we will be willing to stand alone or bow with the crowd. If we don’t believe that decision will come in our own life, we may have already bowed. Will you be ready to stand?   


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Why I Stand – Jonathan Isaac

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