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“The Days of Israel Bashing are Over”, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley at AIPAC 2017


LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!)It is absolutely vital for America to stand with Israel. When we understand this reality, we can truly recognize the blessing when our leaders stand with Israel. This couldn’t be more true than when we look at the existence of AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Multiple leaders attended AIPAC’s annual event, but it’s important to first understand what AIPAC is. As AIPAC describes in their own words, their purpose, we begin to see why we should not only support Israel, but also the existence of AIPAC.
“Israel relies on its ally, America, in order to confront all challenges it faces and the best way to guarantee that the United States continues to stand by Israel is through bipartisan support in Congress.” The safety and security of Israel is not a Democratic issue, and it’s not a Republican issue. It’s an American issue. “We work with both parties to ensure Democrats and Republicans come together to keep Israel safe.”
Of all the arenas in the world where Israel is constantly being attacked, The United Nations is front and center. There is no better voice to express America’s steadfast support of Israel in this arena than America’s own Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. At the onset of this dialogue, Ambassador Haley is asked about how to hold Iran accountable considering the Nuclear Deal that was passed during the Obama Administration. As Ambassador Haley recounts the actions and effects of the Deal, she points out, how we have to watch Iran “like a hawk”. She specifically shares why. “You can put sanctions on a country. To take sanctions away, it’s very hard to put sanctions back on.” She expresses her disapproval of the deal itself by stating, “Why that was ever allowed to go through, why that was ever passed is beyond me. I mean, it was terrible.”
Since the moment that Nikki Haley took over the position of America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, she has been openly and boldly supportive of Israel, as well as open about America’s awareness of those countries that are not. She was asked to expand on her first public quote of “taking names, and we will make points to respond to that accordingly” and what that means. She responds bluntly; “Basically, what it comes down to is that I’m not there to play. And, what I wanted to make sure of, was that the United States started leading again.” She continues, “Have the backs of our allies. Never again do what we saw happen with Resolution 2334 and make anyone question our support.”
Ambassador Haley shares the heartfelt reality of what many felt that deeply support Israel. “When Resolution 2334 happened, and the U.S. abstained, the entire country felt a kick in the gut. We had just done something that showed the United States at its weakest point ever. Never do we not have the backs of our friends. We don’t have a greater friend than Israel. And, to see that happen, was not only embarrassing, it was also hurtful.” As difficult as it is to recognize that this did happen, she reassures all of those who are present; “That will never happen again.” We each have powerful abilities to see change become reality when it comes to supporting Israel. “The power of your voice is an amazing thing. So, one, changing the culture of the U.N. is very important; and the way you change the culture of the U.N. is the United States tells them what we’re not going to put up with. We start to change the culture to what we should be talking about, and then we actually act on what we say.”
Ambassador Haley sets the definitive tone in her position as Ambassador to the United Nations and how it stands separate from the previous days of America’s involvement in the United Nations with this powerful statement. “The days of Israel bashing are over.” It just doesn’t get any clearer than that. She continues, “…You’re not going to take our one democratic friend in the Middle East and beat up on them. And, I think what you’re seeing is, they’re all backing up a little bit, the Israel bashing is not as loud…” She also confronts the naysayers who assume that nothing can be accomplished in the United Nations. “They need to know there is a new sheriff in town.”
This is such a powerful moment in America’s history. There has been a clear line drawn in the sand of how America responded to Israel over the last eight years is no longer how it will be today, or in the future. With such words of boldness and clarity, there is no longer any confusion on America’s position on its defense and allegiance with Israel. See the full conversation with America’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: The Iran Deal, Israeli Settlements, Russia, Vladimir Putin, North Korea, Nuclear Missiles, and the Palestinian Authority. John and Steve shared in this segment. 

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