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WATCH! All about Heaven! A boy taught how to speak, another showed the face of God


Two Boys Taken to Heaven and tell of the Amazing Encounters
God not only loves each and every one of us, He is the very perfection and fullness of love itself. He has the ability to demonstrate how much He loves us in such spectacular ways. What we think is an impossible situation is another opportunity for God to show Himself mightily. This couldn’t more applicable than when a mother shockingly realized that her autistic son was learning about God. It wasn’t that he was learning about God, but that he was being taught this FROM God. Sid Roth recently spoke with Tahni Cullen, whose son, Josiah, has autism. On It’s Supernatural, Sid Roth sat down with and discussed how these marvelous, supernatural encounters took place.
While she had never taught him how to spell, she soon realized that he was able to spell and able to put together complete sentences. Cullen was shocked when Josiah began to talk about the things of God that many adults haven’t grasped. During one specific session of teaching Josiah about Jesus, Cullen talked about Jesus healing the blind man. “What did Jesus do? Did he H-E-A-L, heal the blind man, or P-L-A-Y, play with the blind man?” He then chooses HEAL. But, he goes beyond her expectations when she places an iPad in front of Josiah so that he can then spell the word heal. He then writes out, “GOD IS A GOOD GIFT GIVER”. By the way, this was his first complete sentence! 
Cullen began to take special note when Josiah began to express knowledge about things that went way beyond knowledge that children his age would know. In her own words, Cullen talks about how she realized something was happening with Josiah that was beyond her scope of teaching him. “The first time that I was realizing that something was way beyond what I could even imagine; I brought him home a rubber lizard, and so I asked him, what do you want to name the lizard?” After naming the lizard, he continues; “LIZARDS HAVE AGELESS TAILS” and “THEY DON’T JUST HAVE SCALES THEY HAVE ASPIRATION POURS”. She realized that he was learning these things supernaturally.  Most of us have never heard of “aspiration pours”.
As Josiah was sharing things about science that most adults don’t know, he also shared things about The Trinity with his mom, that again, most adults don’t know. As Sid Roth talks with Cullen, he says it perfectly with these words. “Most of you have difficulty explaining The Triune Nature of God, some people call it ‘Trinity’…” Josiah, has his own way of expressing The Trinity. Before he talks about The Trinity, he tackles the issue of faith with this profound description. “Faith is believing for kites to fly when there’s no wind in sight. Faith is, picture it done.” When Josiah woke her up one specific night, he presented his iPad to her with these words typed out, “GOD WANTS TO SHOW ME ABOUT THE TRIUNE GOD”. He continues to type out this marvelous reality. “IN THE TRINITY THE FATHERS THE MANAGER THE SON IS THE LOVER OF OPERATIONS HOLY SPIRIT IS THE WORKER IT’S THE THREE IN ONE GETTING THINGS DONE HE IS PAPA HE IS HEALER HE IS HELPER”.She continues to say what Josiah wrote to her, “THE WORLD WAS CREATED BY ONLY THREE FUNCTIONS THAT WENT LIKE THIS FATHER THOUGHT IT SON LOVED IT HOLY SPIRIT CARRIED OUT THE PLAN THAT IS HOW THE TRINITY WORKS MOM”. She continues to describe how Josiah shared how man must respond to The Trinity. “MAN MUST VOICE FATHER WHAT DO YOU THINK JESUS WHAT DO YOU LOVE HOLY SPIRIT WHAT SHOULD WE DO ABOUT IT”.
If these profound realities weren’t powerful enough, Josiah continues to shock his mother by taking her to the Mall of America and sharing a word of knowledge with someone. At the time, Cullen had no idea what was taking place as Josiah simply said to her, “TAKE ME TO THE MALL OF AMERICA AND GOD WILL HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU THERE”. After describing a particular girl that was looking at him, he types out these words to his mom to say to her; “LOVE IS LOVE – TELL HER THAT – TAKE HER BREATH AWAY – TELL HER THAT LOVE IS BORN OUT OF CHOOSING GOD – NOT WICCA – HOPE IS LOVE – NOT MORE DADDY ISSUES – PICK A SPIRITUAL DADDY – IT IS GOD CHOOSE HIM BECAUSE “YOU NEED ME” HE SAYS”. Cullen then begins to describe what exactly took place and how she relayed exactly what Josiah typed out to this girl.
It is so exciting to see and hear about these interactions with heaven. We must have the heart of children. Jesus said these powerful words in Matthew 18:3, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” But, Josiah isn’t the only one who has encountered heaven. Colton was only four years old when he had a near-death experience that resulted in powerful supernatural experiences. It was these experiences that were captured in the movie, Heaven is for Real and also the book Heaven is for Real.
While talking with CBN’s Gordon Robertson and sitting alongside his parents, Colton Burpo describes his encounter in heaven. Burpo shares how he went to the Throne Room and saw God. “Well, God, He was just there. He was just a being that radiated love, and even though He’s so big, you’re not scared of Him because He loves you so much, and what He is, He helped make Heaven a happy place.” When Robertson asked him, “What do you remember most about seeing Jesus?”, Burpo responded with these words; “…I spend a lot of time with Him. The majority of time that I was in heaven, I was with Jesus.” Robertson continues to ask about Jesus by asking Burpo what he remembers about Jesus’ eyes. “His eyes were unlike any other that I’ve seen. They were just sparkling…it’s hard to describe because there’s no words that we have that can describe just how beautiful His eyes are.” Burpo continues to share about how he met the little sister that his mother had miscarried as well as some notable individuals from the Bible. As Colton Burpo continues to share his encounter in heaven with all who are wanting to listen, he also sings a powerful song, “Heaven”, that describes just how much Jesus loves you.

Every single human life is very important to God. It is essential that we look at every child, every human life, the same way that God looks at them. So many people live their lives entirely focused on this life and what happens in this life. But, as Josiah and Colton have seen and describe, there is much more to experience and see AFTER this life: eternity. Let your hope rise and be encouraged as you hear the full stories from Josiah, from Colton, the full trailer of the movie Heaven is for Real, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: near-death experience, eternity, supernatural, autistic, autism, miscarry, word of knowledge, The Holy Spirit, Wicca, faith, and healings. Greg and John shared in this segment. 



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