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Home » Driverless Cars will bring Worldwide disturbance, says Elon Musk

Driverless Cars will bring Worldwide disturbance, says Elon Musk


LISTEN NOW! (Or WATCH FULL PROGRAM!) Have you ever been going about your day with your own intentions and plans for how your day was supposed to go and then everything got interrupted and all of your plans changed? The world is about to be interrupted! As Elon Musk, Founder of SpaceX, met with world leaders at the World Government Summit, he shared some startling coming changes to the world regarding new technological developments in the areas of driverless cars.
As Musk was asked about what is next in the technological realm that will greatly impact how we live our lives, he takes a deep breath to consider the reality of this question. Then he’s interrupted with the clarity of the question, “…that will disturb the way we live, the way we think, the way we do business?” As Musk points out, it’s autonomous cars. “That is going to happen much faster than people realize.” Granted, this will be a welcomed comfortto many of those throughout the population, but what about those who make their living behind the wheel? As he further continues, “In fact, I think it might be the single largest employer of people, is driving in various forms.”
Musk begins to describe the timeline in which driverless cars will establish itself in our day to day lives. “There are over two billion vehicles in the world…the total new vehicle production capacity is about 100 million”. It won’t be exactly overnight, but his following words begin to make sense when we take these numbers into consideration. “So the point at which we see full autonomy appear, will not be at which there is massive societal upheaval, because it will take a long time to make enough autonomous vehicles to disrupt employment”. Based on Musk’s predictions, this will take about 20 years.
Imagine not having your car. In many populated urban areas, many people have never had a car because there is no need for a car. But, for most Americans that live far away from work, this will all be changing. The very infrastructure that we rely on, for example cell towers, used to communicate daily, is all changing. According to Business Insider, [Elon Musk] “asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to launch 4,425 internet-providing satellites.” Instead of relying on cell phone towers to establish the signals we need for our phone calls, there will be low flying satellites that will provide much greater signal coverage.
These are major changes that we cannot blink at as they will massively effect how we live our daily lives. See the full coverage of Elon Musk’s statements at the World Government Summit, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: trucks, vehicles, technology, Silicon Valley, upheaval, disruption, The Blaze, Federal Communications Commission, satellites, and wisdom. Greg and John shared in this segment. 

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