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50 Tents for 50 States Worshiping God in Washington D.C.! Awake the Dawn!


LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Can you imagine 50 different tents representing 50 different states, worshiping 24 hours a day in Washington D.C. praising God and praying for our nation? This is Awaken the Dawn! As he received the mandate from the Lord, David Bradshaw, talks about this tremendous event with Mike Bickle and the upcoming event that is happening October 6-9th.

This isn’t a concert where people go to see other perform. You can be a part. As Bradshaw explains, “The difference between this event and many others, is that we are inviting you to come and take your spot in the gathering, to help lead it.” Mike Bickle adds to this as he shares how entire worship teams can come and be a part. “So, if you want to go and bring your worship team, bring your singers, musicians, but more than that, bring your friends to come for that three-day period…” At the end of these three days, Lou Engle will be holding “The Call” on the National Mall as well. Register NOW at AwakenTheDawn.org.

It is so encouraging to see so many moving in unity in the Holy Spirit, for the sole purpose of praying for our nation to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. David’s Tent carried out a similar event as it gathered for 40 days on The White House Ellipse for continuous worship and prayer. Visionary of David’s Tent, David Hershey, shares the inspiring story of the journey of how this materialized. In a conversation with Reverend Patrick Mahoney, with the Christian Defense Coalition, the topic of getting a permit for 40 days and nights of continuous praise and worship in Washington D.C. was being discussed. “It’s unheard of. Everything is gone. Lincoln Memorial. Gone. The Mall. Gone. McPherson Square. Gone.” But God had a plan. Hear Hershey share the encouraging story of how it all took place.

Because of the faithfulness of what took place during David’s Tent, we are seeing breakthrough after breakthrough taking place in Washington D.C. and our nation. See the full story of what is taking place with Awaken The Dawn, David’s Tent, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: prayer, worship, Washington D.C., faith, encouragement, The White House, hope, and the Million Man March. Greg shared in this segment. 
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