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Boy asks for New Dad: Presence of God Drops


LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! Our hearts are for the fatherless. For ten years Greg ministered to the fatherless through the Father and Son Camping Trips that focused on one weekend of uninterrupted time between men and boys. This is the very heart of God, for the fatherless, as the very last words of the Old Testament, Malachi 4:5-6 reveals, “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”

This very truth is seen when Michael Koulianos was recently ministering as people were being touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit. As different prayer requests were being asked for, a young boy, Kenan, was brought onto the stage and his request was unlike any other. When Kenan was asked what he wanted from the Lord, he said these words, “a new dad”. Everything shifted. Koulianos couldn’t help but stop and embrace Kenan as he began to pray for him. “Father, this little boy wants a dad. Bishop and I bless him with the blessing of the Father. Jesus, you know the feeling of being an illegitimate son. The Father’s blessing over this little boy cannot. Fill every void. Fill every bit of brokenness. Anoint him. Raise him up and bring him a dad.” There isn’t a dry eye in the gathering as Koulianos shares these powerful words.

Koulianos continues to speak to Kenan as the Lord revealed a powerful vision to Koulianos. “The Lord just told me to put my jacket on your back…because the Lord now, is going to cover you with Himself. And, every bit of brokenness, of you feeling like you weren’t good enough for a dad, is gonna leave now.” Hands all across the room raise as Kenan is covered with Koulianos’ jacket. “You’re gonna get a lot more than you prayed for”.

Koulianos recalls the words that were spoke over him by the Lord, as a young boy, that he would be sent to the nations, but didn’t believe it as a young boy. As he prays for Kenan, he speaks similar words over Kenan. “Send Kenan to the nations before he turns twenty. Send him to the nations. Clothe him in that healing anointing. Teach him how to talk to You and keep You. Teach him how to hide Your Word in his heart. Teach him how to treasure you. Use his life to shake the world and feel the weight of your calling on his back his whole life as a constant reminder that he carries Your Cross. In Jesus’ name.”

As Koulianos continues to pray for Kenan, he shares words of encouragement to him to guide him and remember as he grows older. “The world is going to try and pull you away. You remember what the Lord said to you tonight. You don’t belong to yourself anymore. You’re His and He’ll take care of you. When you drift, come back. If you drift 5 times, come back 5 times.”

This is such a powerful moment. We must recognize how important and vital our words are and that we speak words of affirmation and encouragement over our children. To the fathers, you matter to your family. If you are being tempted to leave your family, it is a lie of the enemy. Your kids count. Many men decide to leave their wives because of the inability to get along. So, they reason why it’s ok to leave their kids with the woman that they themselves, couldn’t get along with. We must look at marriage in light of eternity.

Be encouraged and inspired as you see the full encounter with Michael Koulianos and Kenan, the importance of men in marriages and family, how God is a Father to the fatherless, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Michael Koulianos, Holy Spirit, healing, brokenness, marriages, Emerson Eggerichs, anointing, and prayer. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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